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Cures and Treatments with Sprouts

How To Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups?

22780787_sEczema is a chronic skin condition, also commonly known as atopic dermatitis. Sufferers often feel the constant need to itch the skin. This itching can lead to red rashes, blister-like sores that ooze, and scaly, rough patches of skin. The phrase “eczema flare-ups,” is used to describe outbreaks or episodes where the condition gets worse.

Those who suffer from eczema are often plagued with the skin condition for life, but there are ways to seek relief. Unfortunately, this relief can be short-term. Some individuals can go months without an eczema rash and wake up one morning to have a significant outbreak. Although there is no way to cure eczema, there are steps you can take to avoid regular flare-ups.

Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups #1 – Find Your Trigger Factor

The phrase “trigger factor,” is often used to describe the onset of an eczema outbreak. Something triggers the skin. It is irritated and produces a reaction. There are different causes for flare-ups and outbreaks, but medical professional have developed a list of common factors. They include dairy products, chemical irritants, allergies, the weather, and stress.

Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups #2 – Eliminate Your Trigger Factors

Once you believe you found the cause of your flare-ups, eliminate these as an issue. Keep a daily log to monitor what you eat, what you are doing, and what you come into contact with. Compare your outbreaks to this log to determine possible culprits. Then, work to avoid them. You should automatically notice a reduction in outbreaks.

Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups #3 – Avoid Too Much Direct Sunlight

While sunlight is good for the body and skin, too much of it can cause dry skin. Dry skin is another common cause of eczema educed breakouts. Don’t hide inside and avoid the sun forever, but display caution. Apply sun screen, wear covering clothes, and seek sunlight in moderation.

Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups #4 – Keep the Skin Well Moisturized

As previously stated, dry skin can lead to an eczema outbreak. Avoid dry skin by keeping your body hydrated and well-moisturized. After a shower or bath, immediately dab the skin slightly dry and apply moisturize. Continue applying lotions and creams throughout the day.

These are just a few ways that you can avoid eczema flare-ups, but they are successful and easy to implement.

Treating eczema may seem like an impossible challenge. However, research shows that all-natural treatment systems can be effective.

(Article reproduced from Eczema Free Forever by Rachel Anderson. You can check out all-natural treatment program at Rachel’s website)

Cure UTI naturally?

A woman usually gets at least one UTI in her life. And even one is too many.

Urinary tract infections are basically caused by bacteria. E.Coli is the main bacterial culprit and is responsible for UTIs in about 80% of women. It typically lives in the human colon and when it migrates and travels from the outer urinary opening through up the urethra, the tube that connects to the bladder  it can invade the bladder and cause infection.

Women are in greater danger to get UTI because a woman’s urinary opening is close rin proximity to her rectum which houses lots of bacteria from faeces.

UTI can cause symptoms like burning sensation or pain when peeing, a feeling of urgency or frequent need to pee or pelvic pressure. If the infection travels up from the bladder to kidney, symptoms can include fever, lower back pain, vomiting or nausea.

What causes UTIs?

Risk factors includes

  • Diabetes
  • Neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis.
  • More frequent sexual intercourse
  • A prolapsed bladder
  • Any abnormalities in the urinary anatomy

What doesn’t cause UTI?

Tight undergarments or myth that wiping front to back after using the toilet, douching and peeing pre and post sexual intercourse.

How to treat UTI?

If you go to see a doctor, you will be given an antibiotic to take for 3 – 7 days. If the infection has strike the kidney, you may be given a longer course. Although there is no clear evidence, consuming 150ml to 750ml cranberry juice daily possibly help to prevent  UTIs.

For Further Information on natural cure for UTI and Bacterial Vaginosis:
UTI-Be-Gone – 100% Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure by Sherry Han

Bacteria Vaginosis Relief by Kristina J. Tomlin

Natural Cure for Herpes by Dr David Hoggs

Dr David HoggsListen to what Dr David Hoggs said about suffering from herpes: –

Imagine how you’d feel if you never again had to:

  • Run from new relationships like a scared mouse hiding in the corner;
  • Avoid sex with your partner as if you’d suddenly taken vows of celibacy;
  • Endure the side effects of prescription drugs and still have surprise outbreaks…

The Truth about anti-viral drugs and herpes: Drugs can help control the herpes virus… sort of

You see, these traditional medications work by controlling a very specific phase of the virus’ life. Maybe the herpes can’t locate a cell that’ll let them live inside (viruses need to live within cells – they’re like parasites that way) for example.

Problem is, the herpes virus is quick to adapt… meaning that over time, the drugs lose their power. You start having more and more flare-ups as your own personal genital herpes morphs into a drug-resistant super-herpes.

Drugs cause side effects. Even when they do keep that genital herpes somewhat in control, how sexy can you be if you have to (for example) keep vomiting?

Sort of like, “Uh, honey – you’re really hot right now, but I gotta go throw up.”

Other side effects are equally as inconvenient, if not even more serious: dizziness, rash, confusion (“Ummm, why are we in bed and the sun’s shining?”), kidney problems, even seizures and coma.

Drugsare expensive. It’s a whole lot more fun to take your beloved out for a good meal, then a loving roll in the hay together afterwards than it is to pay to pop those pricey anti-herpes pills.

Drugs rob your body of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Lowered resistance = less energy, more sickness. Trade your herpes outbreaks for bouts of flu and frequent colds? Ugh. There’s nothing sexy about coughing up gooey gross crud.

No, drugs are far from the ideal answer.

Over the years, Dr David Hoggs has developed an all-natural program – that does not include drugs! – that teaches people how to create a lifestyle that in some instances is better than when you were limited by genital herpes.

Many patients have benefited from his Stop Herpes Now program.

But there’s a difference between my patients and his online patients: His patients pay him $180 per hour for visiting him.

You can download his program for a one-time price of US$49.95. Talk about saving! But this is JUST AN INTRODUCTORY price because he had just updated it, incorporating even more refinements.

Skin Lightening Report

Better Self Resources, LLC, a registered company in the state of Texas has a website where you can download instantly a Skin Lightening Report which contains step-by-step instructions for battling melasma, freckles, hyperpigmentation, dark underarms, dark circles, lightening hard-to-lighten areas on your body and more.  On the site, there’s  two “before” and “after” photo which showed a big difference in the skin condition. See if this is something you like to find out more

Healing Food for Your Skin from Your Fridge

Common food items found in your pantry or refrigerator can have healing and rejuvenating properties for your skin. For example:
1) Honey is a natural moisturizer and defoliant and is found in many homemade skin care. Honey has been used throughout ancient times for beautiful skin, especially by the Greeks.Dairy products, especially milk and yogurt have enzymes that naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. Milk has been used for centuries for beauty skin. In fact, Cleopatra’s favorite secret beauty tip was to soak in a milk bath to keep her skin soft.

2) Vinegar has anti-itch/burn properties

3) Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and skin softener

4) Egg whites make an excellent mask and pore reducer

5) Lemon juice cleans pores and reduces excess skin oil and is good for acne prone skin

For more wonders on common food items like honey, garlic and vinegar, read Ray Collins’  The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 6

Pain management is about keeping pain at bay. When you decide to manage a project, you will have to make plans for it from the start till the end. Of course at times, there will be situations when you have to make quick decisions in the face of crisis. But most of the time, you probably make deliberate decisions that go along in preventing crises from happening in the first place, don’t you?

The same goes for pain management. Curbing the pain when it is there is not enough. We must prevent the pain from even taking fold in the first place. The following is a list of methods to prevent headache from happening in the first place:

  1. Correcting body postures
  2. Balancing hormones
  3. Weather acclimatisation
  4. Avoiding harmful or sensitive substances
  5. Balancing food intake

Balancing body postures while performing the 4 routine activities have been mentioned. It is so far the most confirmed form of reducing headaches in general. Balancing hormones is important especially for growing teens and young adults who are still in their puberty and are experiencing headaches. Balancing of hormones also plays a huge role reducing migraines in women who are in their menstrual cycle fluctuations.

It is known that erratic weather can increase the frequency of headaches, especially hot and humid weather. In addition, a stressful environment can also lead to more headaches. Substances such as smoking, drugs and medications will lead to a change in the body’s chemistry which may also lead to headaches. Finally, balancing food intake including having regular meals and having very full meals will also affect your causes of headaches. Catch us on the next article where we will reveal more details for each of the above mentioned methods to prevent headaches from occurring.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 5

If you have been suffering from headaches for a long time and you thought that the only treatment available is only via painkillers and analgesics, then you are mistaken. In fact painkillers and analgesics merely curb the pain that the headache causes; they do not deal with the root of the problem. It will be very unfortunate if the frequent dosage of such analgesics cause you to develop addiction and tolerance problems.

Analgesics should only be taken if the pain is unbearable. Most of them when we have headaches, we only suffer from tension and migraine headaches. Usage of analgesics should thus be minimal. Tension and migraine headaches are not serious enough that require us to be on chronic medication of painkillers.

Most of us suffer headaches due to stress or poor body postures. As the latter has been already accounted for, let us examine stress as a cause of headache at an insightful level. Since stress causes dilations of the blood vessels and cause our muscles to tense up, a treatment that is effective will have to be able to reverse the dilations and reduce our anxiety.

Therefore an effective headache treatment will actually cause our body to experience a physiological as well as a mental/emotional effect on our mind and body. Let’s examine the treatment procedure in 3 stages.

  1. Relaxation

This aspect of headache treatment has honestly been overlooked. Most of us when we have bouts of headaches, we tend to panic a little due to the pain and the tiredness that it causes us. However that is actually very counterproductive as not only it worsens the headache, panic and anxiety will make us instinctively resort to getting hold of the nearest painkillers available. Relaxation towards our temples and neck are very important. Massaging your temples and neck gently and smoothly helps in improving the ratio of blood flow to the forehead. Some people are also able to relax well with massages to the shoulders. The key idea of relaxation is to reduce the body state of mind’s anxiety.

  1. Heating/Cooling

Some people’s headache pains are caused by enlarged blood vessels pressing on surrounding nerves. Applying something cold to the area can help to constrict those vessels, reducing their diameter and lessening the pounding headache. However some people are susceptible towards coldness, causing them to panic. For such people, using a wet tower or ice packs on the headache will worsen the problem. Depending on the individual’s preference and physiological nature, applying something warm to the headache may actually improve the person’s condition. Some people are able to better relax in a warm condition. This method varies from individual to individual.

  1. Napping

Taking a quick nap is very effective for tension and migraine headaches. Sleeping by nature puts the body in a very relaxed physiological and mental state. In addition, the person is less affected by pain when he is asleep compared to when he is awake.

The following 3 methods are able to ease pain to a large extent. More importantly, they help in reducing addiction and tolerance of painkillers. Staying free from painkillers is a very realistic reality.  Keep your heads ready as we share with you more on the different ways to minimize the occurrence of headaches.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 4

So far we have discussed about getting used to proper body postures while performing the 4 routine activities. Early in the series we mention that the problem most people face regarding headaches is that most will resort to painkillers. The next objective to be accomplished other than minimizing headaches is to reduce the pain when there is an onset of headache.

Different types of headaches will cause pain at different parts of the head and the neck, with different intensity of pain. There are 2 broad categories of headaches namely primary and secondary. Our concern is on primary headaches as these are the headaches that occur because you may have a headache problem. Secondary headaches are problems due to headaches occurring as a symptom or side effects from illnesses and diseases such as cancer.

There are mainly 3 kinds of primary headaches which follow:

  1. Tension headaches
  2. Migraine headaches
  3. Cluster headaches

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches. Tension headaches usually arise due to stress. In the context of headaches, the stress is defined to be physiological changes in the human body which lead to abnormal muscle tensing and spasms.

Some of the factors that may lead to such stress include:

–          Emotional and mental disturbances due to work and relationships

–          Sleep deprivation

–          Irregular meal time

–          Poor body postures

As the name suggests, a rapid rise in anxiety or tension will cause a greater influx of adrenaline and muscle tension. More adrenaline and muscle tension will cause muscle spasms around the temples and the neck leading to tension headaches. The pain arises from tension headaches ranges from mild to heavy moderate. That is why an abnormal increase in stress will lead to tension headaches.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are considered to be a more advanced level of headaches. They too have similar causes as tension headaches, such as increase in stress and irregular meal times.

However, unlike tension headaches, migraine headaches also have a neurological origin which includes:

–          The dilation of blood vessels at the head due to physical exertion

–          The release of certain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin

That is why during exercises, you may experience headache as the blood vessels dilate in order to emit heat from the body. But after the exercise you probably feel relaxed and comfortable as the release of dopamine and serotonin actually constricts the blood vessels. Thus actually conditioning to regular exercises will actually help to reduce headaches. The symptoms of migraines are similar to tension headaches, which includes episodic or chronic pain. However as a more advanced level of headaches, some migraine sufferers may experience auras. Auras are visual disturbances that precede the headache phase.  Their vision may be slightly blurred and they may be sensitive to bright light and flashes, which may worsen their headache pain.

Cluster Headaches

Finally cluster headaches are the worst amongst the 3 types of headaches. Unlike the other 2 headaches, cluster headaches are considered to be a neurological disease. The most prominent feature of cluster headaches is the immense sharp pain that supposedly is even more painful than childbirth. Cluster headaches are episodic in nature with active periods interrupted by spontaneous remissions. Abnormalities at the hypothalamus play a major role in the onset of cluster headaches. Thus patients may experience severe bouts of aura and at serious degree of cluster headaches, the patient may faint.

The different forms of headaches will require different treatment. In the following articles, we will explore the different ways to treat the different forms of headaches.

Additional Reading on Headache Management

The Migraine And Headache Program! – Blue Heron Health News

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 1

The moment you shut your heavy eyes, you drift to another world. This world that you are in is the world that you have always dreamt about. It is the sweetest dream that you ever had. You had a long uninterrupted sleep. You woke up 8 hours later, welcoming yourself for a memorably fantastic day ahead. However just when you are about to get off your bed, your head felt a throbbing pain.

Have you had such an experience before? Having an anti-climax first thing in the early morning sure is upsetting.

A headache is a complete waste of a good day. Most people’s response towards headaches is to reach out to painkillers. However painkiller hardly solves the problem. In fact it exacerbates the problem in 3 different manners.

1. It merely eases the pain temporarily.
2. When the headache recurs, most people will be at a lost and they probably resort to taking more painkiller.
3. Due to a regular intake of painkiller, addiction and tolerance problems will surface inevitably in the long run.

Studies have shown that 75% of the people who take painkillers due to chronic pain and that 80% of the chronic pain cases are due to the result of headaches.

The reason why headache is a major cause of concern is because people do not really understand what is headache really all about. The causes of headaches can be classified under 2 categories. The first category is the physiology, whereby proper body postures, regular exercise as well as balance of our hormones play a major role in minimizing headaches. The second category is the environment and substances which play a part in increasing the trigger probability of headaches.

Contrary to popular myth, headaches are not caused by abnormal blood flow to the brain. The brain itself does not have nociceptors or pain receptors. However several areas of the head as well as the neck do have nociceptors.

Most of the headache problems are due to poor head and neck postures over the years. Thus it is very important that we have to be mindful of our body postures. As our body is like a machine, slight misplacement of a cog in a gear will result in our body malfunctioning.

In view of that how we position ourselves while we partake in the following activities:

1. Sitting
2. Standing/walking
3. Exercising
4. Sleeping

In the next article, we will explore how these 4 simple activities can have a drastic impact on heads literally.

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Homemade Eczema Treatment (10): Milk

37233270 - milk bottle with tag put on sackcloth background

Milk is not just to drink. Milk is a convenient and relatively low cost homemade eczema treatment to treat the rash and dried scaly skin. It will offer some much desired relief to your troubled skin.

Soak gauze pad or cotton pad with a little cold or even iced milk and apply the affected area. You can leave the gauze pad or cotton pad on the affected for 1-3  minutes or however long you feel comfortable. You can continue the process for 10 minutes or so.

Though this method may not stop the itch, nourishing your skin with milk makes it soft and smooth, which will reduce the drying of the skin.

Homemade remedies help to relieve pain and itch but they are temporarily relief. To prolong a blissful eczema-free period, you have to observe dermatologist’s advice of staying away from alcoholic based and fragrance based toiletries, keep a balanced and healthy diet with lots of greens (raw greens where possible … sprouts are recommended and there’s reasons to that) and exercise to minimize stress. Alternatively, check out folks who have similar experience.

Additional Reading on Experts’ Views on Eczema

Additional Reading on “Homemade Eczema Treatment” by Vivienne Quek

Swine Flu Meta-Physics & Meta-Cure

With pandemic stupidity defining a nations ‘well-preparedness’ by the amount of a nasty useless drug it has stockpiled – you may want to know that these allopathic medicines only concentrate bad ‘microVita‘ – the single fundamental cause of all diseases & disorders.

If you ever got cured of any disease or infection it was because of your own good microvita supply & inspite of whatever medicine you tortured your body with. Microvita are submicroscopic & sub-quantum living-growing-multiplying-dying entities.

While it is well known that all flu started with the mass-killer 1918-19 spanish flu what is not known is how it really started. As per nature’s law, thousands of dead bodies lying unattended during the 1914-18, attracted destructive agents from outside the earth to do what they did best – decompose those bodies as ‘the dead must decay’. They were the subtler microvita – the fundamental units of all life – but of the bad type.

They travel uninterrupted unstopped across all the worlds – for example in the form of bio-photons. Since then they have adopted our earth as their home as they really fell deeply in love with some of the herd-minded earthlings here : pig-minded pigs, bird-headed birds & both pig-minded + bird-headed of all humans as their well-deserved hosts.

Not killing such a gullible host ensures their survival as well – otherwise they would perish with the easy 2-legged prey once the infected body was fully disintegrated into it’s 5 basic elements.

Look at it this way : When viruses infect a cell – some of them don’t even have enter the cell fully, they leave their shell OUTSIDE the cell membrane; only their DNA/RNA & enzymes actually enters the cell. Does that mean DNA & enzymes are the fundamental units of life? Well actually not! They are both aggregated forms of even smaller types of microvita. DNA are records & only enzymes can read them. Enzymes get their proactive intelligence from the active microvita inherent in them.

In the face of any such attack, the ONLY meta-cure is to overwhelm the negative microvita behind it (in this case the AH1N1 strain of swineflu virus) with positive microvita ie supportive entities which can attack & destroy them.

But most people already have so much of disruptive microvita inside them that any infection with a comparatively trickier microvita aggregation like this new viral strain will just take them down easily without much of a fight. This was already the case with all the people who have succumbed so far, unfortunately.

Since our foods are the 1st gateway to all our microvita supply, do you think it may be of some use to wake up & choose our foods so that they increase the supply of helpful microvita while minimizing & eliminating the bad ones as much as possible. In my attempt to do that for myself I came up with the no-less-than-Miraculous MicroVita SuperDiet.

I have collated a ton of killer info there. As per -tamiflu also uses Star Anise – a common spice in asia – as the only credible source of whatever little efficacy it has. But since natural herbs can’t be patented, they gotta extract & repackage it into some crazy patentable concoction so that they can fleece all the sheeple of this big microvita world. Another ploy to suck up our tax money, Huh!

There are so many other traditional local herbs everywhere in the world that will fight any bloody foe for you, just for a few pennies. In our lingo, they are imbibed with good microvita.

Again as per Natural News, when millions died in 1919, the only cure that worked with almost 100% success rate were homeopathic medicines – Bryonia and Gelsemium – the viral intelligence, virulence & novelty not withstanding.

Here are few of the many others that work for flu : Oscillococcinum, Ferrum Phos, Rhus tox…

Get them prescribed, as appropriate, by a homeopathic Dr. if need be; but better still get prevented & better equipped internally.

With the real numbers crossing well over a 100k infections, truth indeed seem’s to be the 1st casuality. But please don’t let your goodself be the next one… nor even your loved ones.

I love you (& the poor Mexican swine as well!). We are all good microvita. 🙂

Happy Super-Dieting!

Suffering from Swine flu Brain-wash?

Suffering from Swine flu Brain-Washing?

Yeah! A cure for the ubiquitious swine influenze idiocy is more urgent than for the swine virus iself.
Here’s why :

Do you know that –

1. Tamiflu (the “medicine” being touted around for swine flu) has already killed 14 kids because of neurological problems (implies they encourage bad microvita)? Tamiflu is  proscribed for kids in Japan.

2. The Side effects of Tamiflu are the very symptoms caused by flu? There are other dangerous side-effects as well.

3. Tamiflu only reduces the duration of flu by 1.5 days?

4. It increases the chances of secondary bacterial infections (ie more of negative microvita) because of the damages it causes?

5. With the ever-mutating flu viruses – it’s just a matter of time before they develop resistance to tamiflu?

6. Most flu vaccines have toxic mercury which causes severe heavy metal poisoning?

7. Some of the drug lords benefiting from this mayhem had “inadvertently” released the deadly avian flu virus few weeks back as part of their flu vaccine?

8. All new medication that comes up would not have been adequately tested in terms of it’s long term damages? As a MicroVita SuperDieter we know that it will cause more harms than help.

9. With the AH1N1 virus simultaneously having genes from multiple human, avian & swine strains – suspicions about it being engineered are getting stronger as it cannot happen naturally on it’s own? By following their advice are you also playing into the hands of the game-makers?

10. Disinfecting our environ can’t stop person-to-person direct transmission of the virus – & that’s how it primarily spreads?

11. Face masks are meant more to protect others from the wearer than the other way round – they are also leaky & hence ineffective?

12. Immigration screening can’t stop the spread of the virus because most virus carriers will develop the symptoms much later after exiting the airport?

13. The bankrupt “germ-theory of disease” is driving this craze? It’s about Your internal milieu & NOT about the virus.

Get the whole scoop @ the site – The Only Guaranteed way to kill the AH1N1 Swine flu virus if it ever strikes anywhere near you. Get 40 critical Anti-viral nutritives as well!

Wishing you an absolutely FLU-ent health!

References :

Yeast Infection plagues most women at least once in their lifetime

When a woman gets vaginal yeast infection, she probably gets a bottle of dermoprotecting body wash, anti-yeast cream and an inserting capsule from her doctor. Sometimes, the doctor will even prescribe an oral pill for her partner.

Vaginal yeast infection is common among women. Research shows that than 50% of the women suffered this condition at least once in their life time. Vaginal Yeast infection is nothing to be embarrass about but it is troublesome, frustrating and absolutely annoying. Vaginal yeast infection is caused by organism recognized as Candida Albican, and will happen when there is an imbalance of PH level at the vagina.

Most of the time, women chooses to ignore the problem hoping that it will cure on its own. However, not all women are so lucky to have this problem disappear on its own. In fact, leaving yeast infection untreated may just turn the problem into a chronic case which can last up to months or even years.

If you are unsure if you got vaginal yeast infection, here are some tell tale signs:
– Unpleasant smell
– Dense, watery or milky discharge
– Severe itching
– Vulva redness and swelling
– Burning sensation

There are many different kinds of cures for vaginal yeast infection. Most commonly are yeast creams or oral medications from the doctors or over counter. If your infection is not improving with the yeast creams that you are using, you should discontinue. Prolong usage might just aggravate the condition, making the yeast tougher to kill. Like all diseases, sometimes yeast just got immune to the drugs applied and became stronger.

Women who are suffering from vaginal yeast infection should also avoid sexual intercourse by all means because this infection will spread to your partner as well.

Running to the doctor for a quick fix remains the only choice for most women. However, more and more are getting their problems solved with natural remedies. They considered holistic and natural treatments to be cheaper and safer from invasive drugs. Also, internet allows people to share their secret cure-all in an easy and fast manner. Canadian Sarah Summer is so confident of her method that she had published her cure entitled 12-Hour Cure to Yeast Infection. And the testimonials she received claimed that there is no recurrence. While Linda Allen also published her 7 years findings in Yeast infection No More.

A question comes to mind – why doesn’t doctor goes the natural way?

Permanent Eczema Treatment (Part 1 of 5)

Before we go into actual eczema treatment you may want to get clear on the most common mistake all eczema sufferers make.
They simplistically assume that it’s a localized ailment. And then they erroneously look for topical solutions.

All these are temporary palliatives at most. As a matter of fact some of the harsher allopathic medicines may actually be harmful in the long run.

What an avoidable waste of time, effort & money! Would you like to bypass the endless treacherous trail followed by the rest of those afflicted?

If you have anything to do with eczema then I am sure you know that eczema is a tricky allergic reaction involving blood & skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the body & blood is everywhere under it. So we have an endemic toxicity here which builds up gradually in the blood until it flares up in the most vulnerable part of the skin. This continues forever. Unless…

Do you know what is the single biggest cause of ALL allergies?

The answer may surprise some – it’s COOKED food in all it’s shameless glory.

“Well then everyone should be suffering from eczema” you may sharply contend.

Yeah, you are right. All fired-food consumers are suffering indeed; but from some or the other affliction which WILL eventually show up later in life – but is harming them right now as well. Check out  the partial list here.

So can you REALLY imagine life sans eczema?
If yes then are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Do you REALLY want to cure your eczema for good? Many sufferers subconsciously own their disease to the point that if it suddenly disappears then it leaves behind a void  in their life – abruptly bereft of something they were so used to complaining / self-pitying  about. :-p

And that may be a bigger challenge.

If that isn’t the issue with you then I invite you to gradually upgrade to the ultimate “organic living sprouts” diet. If you have tried everything else but with unsatisfactory results or if you want to cut short your learning curve then give it a shot for a month or so atleast; the results will speak for themselves.

Why do I claim that?
Well check out my general thesis here on the perils of fired foods. Ofcourse I know 1st hand that my eczema-solution is easier said than done – but not as much as you think. Do read up on my own transient ordeals in some of my other posts mentioned below to expedite your progress. In just over a month, I made the adventurous switchover. You might as well – depending on your level of commitment. But before you get started – lets get some more clarity in the FAQ section towards the bottom.

So that was the starting point towards a final eczema cure forever. Do you remember how life was before eczema struck?

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist
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Sprouts for body-building?
BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’

Motor Imagery Therapy That Stroke Survivors Do

Hi! haven’t been posting for a month! My apologies for the long delay partly due to computer problems and busy with other things! This is a continuation of my earlier post Bilateral Isokinematic Therapy (BIT) and today I would like to introduce the use of Motor Imagery in stroke-rehab.

Motor imagery (MI) is the mental representation of movement without any body movement. Abundant evidence on the positive effects of motor imagery practice on motor performance and learning in athletes, people who are healthy, and people with neurological conditions (eg, stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson disease) has been published.

An advantage of MI is that patients can practice it independently during the regeneration phase between two physical therapy sessions. MI can also be practiced in all stages of stroke recovery. In an early stage of recovery, MI allows patients to mentally practice a task which they cannot yet carry out physically due to motor impairment. However, it has not been determined yet, when it is best to start with MI.

The Video Links given below are the routine MI and BIT exercises that Rock goes through daily! The use of the mirror is to create the artificial impression to her brain that her affected hand is moving in tandem with her good hand! In a way this is also considered Bilateral Isokinematic in a sense. There are in total 8 Videos of different exercises involved and you may watch each specific exercise to get a better understanding of how it is done. These Videos were recorded at the University Hospital Stroke Rehab Clinic with the kind permission of Puan Noorieni the Chief Physiotherapist there. Hope these Videos are helpful to other caregivers who want to use them at home but you need to purchase or make those accessories yourself. Thank-you.

Exercises that Rock did since 2005 … 3 times a day with each exercise lasting an hour or more.

  1. Motor Imagery – Wrist Rotation Exercise.
  2. Motor Imagery – Wrist Up-down Exercise.
  3. Motor Imagery – Wrist Open-close Exercise.
  4. Weight Bearing Exercise.
  5. Bilateral Isokinematic – Elbow Exercise.
  6. Bilateral Isokinematic – Fingers Exercise.
  7. Bilateral Isokinematic – Wrist Up-down Exercise.
  8. Bilateral Isokinematic Relaxation Procedures.