Originally, we were introduced to sprouts by a friend and we created this blog to share our journey of discovery. Over time, we have expanded our interests to cover a wider area of home-grown remedies, natural cures, vitamins, supplements and general information about wellness, fitness and health.

You will find articles contributed by different writers. Of course, we will do our best to verify the information, but it is difficult to scientifically prove or dis-prove the efficacies of home remedies and natural cures. In many instances, what works for one person, might be totally ineffective for another. Whether you are talking about the healthy effects of sprouts, the effectiveness of Aloe Vera or even if lime helps; everyone reacts different.

We are all learning and living our lives to its fullest potential. We hope that you will find something helpful here, and we hope that you will share your own experiences and successes.

Join us in our journey to a healthier life.

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