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Home Remedies – Magnesium Sulphate & Epsom Salt

What exactly is Epsom Salt and is it the same thing as Magnesium Sulphate? What is Magnesium Sulphate good for?

Epsom Salt is the common name for Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate or Magnesium Sulphate Hydrated. The chemical formula is MgSO4 + 7H2O and is commonly known as Epsom Salt.

It is believed that applying epsom salt into a hot bath helps to relieve stiff muscles, promotes blood circulation and even as a fabric softener.

A hot Epsom Salt bath can help to relief bruising and it a good home treatment for sore and stiff muscles.

Wellness Through Smelling Good

A lot of talk has been made about aroma therapy and how it has so many benefits to one’s health. There is a lot of truth to this as seen in the large body of testimonies given.

The Chinese believe that every human has qi flowing through the body. This means that as your blood circulates, there is also a stream of qi flowing. To a very large extent, aroma therapy works along that same principle.

But today, we want to share with you something more fun, something simpler – perfume. No, perfume is not the same as aromatherapy. That was just an example to show how smell can have profound impact on your body. Perfume does not hep you become healthier. Perfume helps you feel – better, nicer, warmer, sexier, lighter and so on.

Perfume uplifts your heart. Some may say it’s in your imagination and some may say it is just hocus-pocus. The fact is this, if something makes you feel good, then it is just that – it makes you feel good. Why question the “science” behind that? If you heard a story that make you feel inspired, say for example, “David vs Goliath”, small overcome big. Do you then embark on a 10-year quest through history books and ancient digs to verify the story? Or could you simply take the lesson from it and be inspired?

So, perfume makes you feel good. When you feel good, you also can be healthier. Let’s keep it at that.

Anyway, here is a two day offer that you might want to explore to feel good:

Perfume smell good

Art and Culture: Good Health may be found at the Museum

If you thought visiting art museums and attending cultural activities is highly boring and a sheer waste of time, then you seriously need to think again. Rather, think about the times of the earliest hunter/gatherers, the early man and what he did in his free time? Yes, maybe in his leisure time, he went to work on his logs, inventing tools or building fires or simply hunting. But have you ever wondered what really occupied his free time? The earliest artists were the hundred thousand-year-old Neanderthals, painting the walls of their deep dark caves. So, don’t we need to rethink? Are the human beings progressing as a species or simply metamorphosing into machines? Has this got to do something with the ever shortening leisure time at our hand?

In these times, for most people, caught up with their mundanely stressful lives, leisure time, do not include stuff like developing a sense of appreciation for things like fine arts. Work related problems and tensions make you mechanical enough to ignore the creative and aesthetic aspects which the humankind possesses. However, in such a rat race, it is increasingly becoming important to slow down and enjoy good and beautiful things around you.

Let’s live it: A recent research study seems to support the above mentioned statement quite well. The study points out that men and women who engaged in artistic-cultural activities on a regular basis were more likely to recognize with emotions such as happiness, contentment and healthfulness. The study also stated that a more developed taste in art is directly proportional to your personal healthy lifestyle.

Increased participation in cultural groups and social activities, can also dramatically lower your stress levels and instill you with a deep sense of well-being. A healthy sense of well being is highly necessary to function well as a normal, feeling-perceiving human. Naturally, this strongly prevailing sense of well being helps lower the levels of depression and anxiety.

Get creative: Creative tasks like joining crafts or baking/cookery classes and activity clubs like swimming, photography, music etc can give you the much needed break to introspect about various facets of life. Similarly, browsing through an art museum and gazing at numerous styles of paintings while absorbing their exquisiteness in detail can stimulate those cells in your brain which have been dulled over the time. Certainly, this helps to invigorate you internally and you begin to look at life in a positive perspective.

However, this cannot be restricted to artistic activities solely. Among women, the study reported, increased involvement in religious gatherings and events could be associated with life satisfaction. Religion apart, sports also held a positive impact on women, as most of them tended to be fitter and happier if they watched or participated in sports. Volunteering for social work and community help also can lead to believing in the goodness of yourself.

The aforementioned research study may bring out a very obvious truth about importance of leisure, but some aspects of the study partly require further analysis as the study has been done in context of people from Western nations and the same may not hold good for say people from the East or Oriental nations. So, more research is needed that will re-furnish the almost obvious truth.

Undeniable truth: The healing characteristics of involvement in both perceptive as well as participatory art and music are now being taken ahead and developed into full-fledged therapeutic science. These involve clinically approved methods aiming to heal neuro-generic as well as hypochondria-associated disorders. But these severe conditions are highly avoidable provided you learn to nurture your life with the wonderful zest for skills and talents.

Nevertheless, in order to pursue a normal and healthy lifestyle fulfilled with cherishable, pure and blissful happiness, it is important to retain the element of curiosity and adventure. After all, living life fruitfully is also an art and all you need to do is try and become a good Artist.

About the author:

Amanda Kidd is a blogger and writer. Being a health writer, she frequently writes for her health site. She herself follows a healthy lifestyle and makes people aware about healthy living with her write-up.Православни икони

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OK, like it or not, it is here. That’s right. The most wonderful time of the year, and the most terrible. In the midst of the jolly ho-ho-ho, you are looking at the weighing machine and going “Oh, no! no! no!”

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Well… what if, you had someone who can tell you, and has shared his Belly Fat Free tips on many many of the top TV networks. Yes, he has been on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, Today… you name it! You just know that I am talking about the “7 Day Belly Blast Diet” right? They are touting that you can drop up to 11lbs of belly fat, toxic waste and excess water in just 7 days.

kim lyons from the biggest loserYes, this could very well be your life saver this Christmas! Well? What are you waiting for? Go get it. Oh, and come back and let us know if it worked for you too.

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Contact Lens or Glasses?

For many years, I have never liked the idea of wearing contact lens. You see, I felt that my eyes were very delicate precision instruments and poking a piece of plastic in there might not be the smartest thing to do.

So, glasses for me. But recently, when I started doing more sports, I found that glasses had their own problems. Not only breaking, when I sweat, they keep slipping off. Fasteners are uncomfortable and bands look really icky.

So, I decided to look at contact lens. After some research, I guess I am convinced that they are safe to use. Then of course, I needed to make sure I got good and cheap contact lens when I do go out and purchase contact lens.

I did find one, but if anyone has a nice source of good quality, cheap contact lens, please share.

By the way, contact lens are not a direct replacement for your glasses, you do need to see an optometrist to determine the optimal power for your lens.

Healthy Program Unwelcomed in NBC

While we nurture our body, we got to nurture a  healthy mindset as well.

Tony Robbins’ teaching may not be for everyone, however, we have to acknowledge that he has motivated and inspired many people to see themselves bigger than their problems. He has moved many to transform from a disaster to a master.

Yet, after two episodes, NBC is feeling motivated to yank Tony Robbins’ reality show from its summer schedule. Effective next week, NBC will air repeats of game show “Minute to Win It” in the Tuesday-night slot instead of “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.”

Tony Robbins wants to help real people solve tough challenges yet audiences didn’t show up; the most recent episode generating only 2.8 million viewers..

NBC will not run the show when there is no one watching the advertisements.

Most people don’t like healthy food, so they don’t go for more “healthy” TV either?

So sad.

Eczema in Children Symptoms

It takes more than just an itch and redness to determine the real eczema in children symptoms. Eczema is theorized to be affected by a variety of factors but the real golden explanation behind the main cause of eczema remains unclear. Eczema in children symptoms was surveyed to be triggered by the following factors. The allergic response of the immune system to specific allergens or allergy causing substances like Foods containing or having ingredients like fish, nuts, eggs, honey and wheat. Extremes of temperature have been found by experts to have a link in developing eczema. Hereditary factors or familial tendencies tend to run over the development of the said condition.

Eczema in children symptoms are redness in the form of blisters that is most often itchy. The redness appears in the face, cheeks, nape, in the circumference of the neck and in the clavicle. It also appears in the extremities. The elbows, fore arms, hands, behind the knees and legs are the sites where you can mostly observe eczema. Crusting, bleeding, lesions, skin discoloration, flaking and blistering are more often associated with eczema symptoms. Though eczema appears mostly in the extremities, it can even spread to the anterior and posterior region of the trunk. As the child grows older, the redness or the rash will be lesser in circumference and scalier than its first appearance. The redness also will feel more of itchier and drier this time around. The condition usually relieves and at times returns unexpectedly.

Eczema symptoms in children include itching but be warned that itching complicates the condition. Eczema in children symptoms subside when the child reaches 5 or 6 while episodes during the earlier years usually resolve within months but can even last up to years with occasional relapse of the itching, redness and bleeding.

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The Truth About Baby Eczema

19536498_sBaby eczema affects millions of babies around the world and probably the most occurring skin disease among infants and newborns. It affects all ages but among the most common cases are children and newborns.

Eczema is the inflammation of the skin, the first layer, called the epidermis. Baby eczema can either be mild or moderate which can be managed using emollient oils, soaps and other topical methods. The symptoms of eczema include itching, redness, cracking, flaking and bleeding in the elbows, arms, behind the knees, face, cheeks nape and trunks. In worst cases eczema occurs together with diseases like asthma and hay fever. For such cases, the child should be taken care of and make sure the surrounding is clear of allergens.

What causes eczema? The real cause behind eczema remains as a mystery among the medical field but theories arise regarding the main suspect behind. It is argued the eczema is caused by food allergies on foods containing nuts, fish, wheat and eggs. Others argue that stress and psychological reactions of the body to stress and crisis leads to the condition. Some theorists state that it runs in the family. An infant with baby eczema is more likely to experience the disease if he/she has a sibling that once developed the skin condition.

Treatments are available in different forms. Emollients, soaps ant topical steroid are just few of the many methods of treatment that you can use. But proceed with caution because the pharmacologic treatments need close medical supervision due to the side effects. Eczema usually fades and resolves as the child grows older. In time the condition subsides when the person reaches the teenage years. Eczema is also characterized by relapses and an episode may last within duration of weeks to months. Baby eczema is a cruel cycle that goes on and on.

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Is Life Insurance Taboo for You?

Always, we talk about living a healthy life. Healthy lifestyles, eating right and exercise. But there is one topic that many people do not like to talk about – Life Insurance.

This is one topic that many feel to be taboo. But the reality is, life insurance is just another one of those things that you need to do. If you are serious about nurturing your life, you need to also nurture those whom you love and care about.

Most of us know an insurance agent or two. But sometimes, we feel embarassed to talk about such a personal issue. The solution is really quite simple: is fully online and affordable.

So, while we strive to nurture our lives, we should also ensure that we can continue to nurture those we love even when we move on.

Skin Lightening Report

Better Self Resources, LLC, a registered company in the state of Texas has a website where you can download instantly a Skin Lightening Report which contains step-by-step instructions for battling melasma, freckles, hyperpigmentation, dark underarms, dark circles, lightening hard-to-lighten areas on your body and more.  On the site, there’s  two “before” and “after” photo which showed a big difference in the skin condition. See if this is something you like to find out more

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 7

Headaches are indiscriminate. They can happen to anyone. However women are known to be more prone to migraine headaches in relative to men. It is commonly known that women who are during their menstrual cycle are 3 times more prone to migraine than men. The decrease in oestrogen decreases serotonin which in turn dilates the blood vessels, causing an increase in the prevalence of migraines.

The most effective way in balancing hormones is to ensure adequate sleep. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep with no significant change to your sleep patterns, and keep your stress levels under control. When we are asleep, our body is actually experiencing huge hormonal activities. Thus any disruption to these significant hormonal activities will attribute to a greater cause for headaches.

If your body is undergoing great hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation or menopause, it is also advisable to be mindful of your diet. Be sure to eat fewer processed foods, especially processed meats. Do avoid MSG and food additives too. Processed food and food additives will cause a surge in hormonal activities such as insulin spikes. Proper hydration is also very important in balancing your hormones as hormones are chemicals that operate via your intercellular or body fluids. Thus carbonated drinks and caffeinated drinks are not encouraged as they are diuretic. Diuretic drinks will cause you to urinate more often thus causing you to be dehydrated.

Birth control pills can also help in maintaining hormonal balance. For some women, birth control pills can be triggers for migraines. However for most women who suffer from migraines or have PMS induced migraines; the birth control pills can actually help. But usage of such pills should be taken with discretion as they do actually alter the body’s natural hormonal chemistry.

The weather also plays a part in headaches. People who have sinus infections are more prone to weather-induced headaches. As sinuses are located at the forehead, infected sinuses will result in pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. Such pressure will lead to headaches. When you do have sinus headaches you must ensure proper ventilation of the area that you are in. In addition, stay clear from dust, smog, dirty air and smoke.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 6

Pain management is about keeping pain at bay. When you decide to manage a project, you will have to make plans for it from the start till the end. Of course at times, there will be situations when you have to make quick decisions in the face of crisis. But most of the time, you probably make deliberate decisions that go along in preventing crises from happening in the first place, don’t you?

The same goes for pain management. Curbing the pain when it is there is not enough. We must prevent the pain from even taking fold in the first place. The following is a list of methods to prevent headache from happening in the first place:

  1. Correcting body postures
  2. Balancing hormones
  3. Weather acclimatisation
  4. Avoiding harmful or sensitive substances
  5. Balancing food intake

Balancing body postures while performing the 4 routine activities have been mentioned. It is so far the most confirmed form of reducing headaches in general. Balancing hormones is important especially for growing teens and young adults who are still in their puberty and are experiencing headaches. Balancing of hormones also plays a huge role reducing migraines in women who are in their menstrual cycle fluctuations.

It is known that erratic weather can increase the frequency of headaches, especially hot and humid weather. In addition, a stressful environment can also lead to more headaches. Substances such as smoking, drugs and medications will lead to a change in the body’s chemistry which may also lead to headaches. Finally, balancing food intake including having regular meals and having very full meals will also affect your causes of headaches. Catch us on the next article where we will reveal more details for each of the above mentioned methods to prevent headaches from occurring.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 5

If you have been suffering from headaches for a long time and you thought that the only treatment available is only via painkillers and analgesics, then you are mistaken. In fact painkillers and analgesics merely curb the pain that the headache causes; they do not deal with the root of the problem. It will be very unfortunate if the frequent dosage of such analgesics cause you to develop addiction and tolerance problems.

Analgesics should only be taken if the pain is unbearable. Most of them when we have headaches, we only suffer from tension and migraine headaches. Usage of analgesics should thus be minimal. Tension and migraine headaches are not serious enough that require us to be on chronic medication of painkillers.

Most of us suffer headaches due to stress or poor body postures. As the latter has been already accounted for, let us examine stress as a cause of headache at an insightful level. Since stress causes dilations of the blood vessels and cause our muscles to tense up, a treatment that is effective will have to be able to reverse the dilations and reduce our anxiety.

Therefore an effective headache treatment will actually cause our body to experience a physiological as well as a mental/emotional effect on our mind and body. Let’s examine the treatment procedure in 3 stages.

  1. Relaxation

This aspect of headache treatment has honestly been overlooked. Most of us when we have bouts of headaches, we tend to panic a little due to the pain and the tiredness that it causes us. However that is actually very counterproductive as not only it worsens the headache, panic and anxiety will make us instinctively resort to getting hold of the nearest painkillers available. Relaxation towards our temples and neck are very important. Massaging your temples and neck gently and smoothly helps in improving the ratio of blood flow to the forehead. Some people are also able to relax well with massages to the shoulders. The key idea of relaxation is to reduce the body state of mind’s anxiety.

  1. Heating/Cooling

Some people’s headache pains are caused by enlarged blood vessels pressing on surrounding nerves. Applying something cold to the area can help to constrict those vessels, reducing their diameter and lessening the pounding headache. However some people are susceptible towards coldness, causing them to panic. For such people, using a wet tower or ice packs on the headache will worsen the problem. Depending on the individual’s preference and physiological nature, applying something warm to the headache may actually improve the person’s condition. Some people are able to better relax in a warm condition. This method varies from individual to individual.

  1. Napping

Taking a quick nap is very effective for tension and migraine headaches. Sleeping by nature puts the body in a very relaxed physiological and mental state. In addition, the person is less affected by pain when he is asleep compared to when he is awake.

The following 3 methods are able to ease pain to a large extent. More importantly, they help in reducing addiction and tolerance of painkillers. Staying free from painkillers is a very realistic reality.  Keep your heads ready as we share with you more on the different ways to minimize the occurrence of headaches.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 4

So far we have discussed about getting used to proper body postures while performing the 4 routine activities. Early in the series we mention that the problem most people face regarding headaches is that most will resort to painkillers. The next objective to be accomplished other than minimizing headaches is to reduce the pain when there is an onset of headache.

Different types of headaches will cause pain at different parts of the head and the neck, with different intensity of pain. There are 2 broad categories of headaches namely primary and secondary. Our concern is on primary headaches as these are the headaches that occur because you may have a headache problem. Secondary headaches are problems due to headaches occurring as a symptom or side effects from illnesses and diseases such as cancer.

There are mainly 3 kinds of primary headaches which follow:

  1. Tension headaches
  2. Migraine headaches
  3. Cluster headaches

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches. Tension headaches usually arise due to stress. In the context of headaches, the stress is defined to be physiological changes in the human body which lead to abnormal muscle tensing and spasms.

Some of the factors that may lead to such stress include:

–          Emotional and mental disturbances due to work and relationships

–          Sleep deprivation

–          Irregular meal time

–          Poor body postures

As the name suggests, a rapid rise in anxiety or tension will cause a greater influx of adrenaline and muscle tension. More adrenaline and muscle tension will cause muscle spasms around the temples and the neck leading to tension headaches. The pain arises from tension headaches ranges from mild to heavy moderate. That is why an abnormal increase in stress will lead to tension headaches.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are considered to be a more advanced level of headaches. They too have similar causes as tension headaches, such as increase in stress and irregular meal times.

However, unlike tension headaches, migraine headaches also have a neurological origin which includes:

–          The dilation of blood vessels at the head due to physical exertion

–          The release of certain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin

That is why during exercises, you may experience headache as the blood vessels dilate in order to emit heat from the body. But after the exercise you probably feel relaxed and comfortable as the release of dopamine and serotonin actually constricts the blood vessels. Thus actually conditioning to regular exercises will actually help to reduce headaches. The symptoms of migraines are similar to tension headaches, which includes episodic or chronic pain. However as a more advanced level of headaches, some migraine sufferers may experience auras. Auras are visual disturbances that precede the headache phase.  Their vision may be slightly blurred and they may be sensitive to bright light and flashes, which may worsen their headache pain.

Cluster Headaches

Finally cluster headaches are the worst amongst the 3 types of headaches. Unlike the other 2 headaches, cluster headaches are considered to be a neurological disease. The most prominent feature of cluster headaches is the immense sharp pain that supposedly is even more painful than childbirth. Cluster headaches are episodic in nature with active periods interrupted by spontaneous remissions. Abnormalities at the hypothalamus play a major role in the onset of cluster headaches. Thus patients may experience severe bouts of aura and at serious degree of cluster headaches, the patient may faint.

The different forms of headaches will require different treatment. In the following articles, we will explore the different ways to treat the different forms of headaches.

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