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Learn How To Grow Your Own JAR of Sprouts

Want to be healthy the homegrown way?Now there is no more excuse for not having enough time to grow your own organic food. If you want to learn how to grow your own jar of sprouts, have a look at this great video on simple steps that even a child can follow to nurture your own sprouts.


Transcript Of The Video

I transcripted some of the highlights of the video that you can come back and read it and do it yourself.

Needed : A lid with a screen from a health food store, Jar, Beans (Lentil)

Step 1: Pour about half about a cup of beans into jar. Pour water in. Ratio for the water to be poured should be about 4 times the amount of beans. Soak beans overnight.

Step 2: The next day, pour the water out of the jar. Leave jar upside down so they drain completely

Step 3: By now, they would have started growing. Keep jar by the kitchen sink and rinse your beans once a day.


About 3 to 4 days, you can eat your sprouts. Wait until the sprouts are as long as the beans.

Benefits of eating sprouts:
1 – When they grow into sprouts, they are packed full of Vitamin C. 10 times the amount of the original beans.
2 – They also have heaps of food enzyme, which help out digestion and liven up the body.

Extra Information For All Your Sprout Needs:

Types Of
Sprouts You Can Grow
Vitamins Remarks
Lentils B, C Grow into sprouts and it will have 10 times the amount of vitamin C from the original beans. Rich in protein as well.
Alfalfa A, B, C, D,
E, F, K
Rich in many minerals and many enzymes that aids in digestion.
Green Pea Rich in B
vitamins and vitamin C
If you want to get a bowl of salad, green peas is a definite must-have in your salad.
Radish High in
vitamin C and potassium
Contains a rich flavour.
Soybeans A, B, C, E Extremely rich source of proteins.
Sunflower B, D, E Very rich in those vitamins as wel as minerals.
Wheat B, C, E For dry wheat, it has vitamin E but if you grow it into sprouts, vitamin E jumps 3X from its original state. It has many minerals as well.

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