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Is your NQ misdirecting your IQ & EQ?

Fulfilling your aspirations preordains a ruthless self-
of the ‘health’ foods infesting your life today:

That video picks apart some of the zeitgeist propositions, but don’t
watch it yet unless you are acquainted with the microvita concept 1st:

1. Microvita – The basic units of your body-mind!

2. How your microvita control you.

Подаръциикони на светци

MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life!

MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 1!
MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 2!

It is not only the emotion that creates the cardiovascular changes, but this study suggests that also the opposite might be possible, that cardiovascular changes may be the substrate for emotions, likely in a bi-directional way,” Dr Luciano Bernardi, lead researcher of the study and professor of Internal Medicine at Pavia University in Pavia, Italy.

So how do all these different forms of Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life! particles show up in reality?

Let’s start with a story you might have come across :

A farmer in a Japanese farming island found a group of monkeys playing with a tuber they had picked up from amongst those the farmers had just dug up. The monkeys happen to enter a running stream of water with it wherein all the mud covering the tuber got washed way. They instinctively bit at the strange looking lump and … liked it! Yippie-hoo! A new source of food was discovered & soon, to the detriment of the farmers, they started digging out tubers whenever hungry.

But what amazed everyone was that soon the monkeys in the neighbouring islands also started doing the same! Well, the secondary groups of monkeys were merely benefitting from a newly born MicroVita construct because:
1. Animals belonging to the same sub-species share a “common group mind”.
2. An idea is the beginning stage of a microvita (in our sphere of concern) & has an independent life of it’s own. It can grow, multiply & die.

microvita underlie all our habits & patterns. No wonder old habits die hard – all life is self-protective, including the “life-force quanta” that make & keep behaviour patterns together. But just like poison kills poison, microvita based tricks & techniques provide the best leverage to most easily conquer & replace old ways of being with new ones … And you ‘ll be surprised, the story starts with … Your Nutrition. For example foods foods rich with ‘static’ types of microvita will lead only assuredly to laziness & procrastination.

It can get worse… a recent medical study correlates clean mouth with good memory! How? Dead matter will always invite ‘scavenger’ microvita; And after proliferating in one’s mouth, where will they go next? … in their immediate neighbourhood! wouldn’t they? People have been collecting & depositing junk everywhere from head to toe – one nasty microvita infection is all it takes!

Besides managing the physical microvita, a well-crafted diet will help with mental & & emotional hygiene as well because what makes our food, also makes our mind & emotions.

Depression, binging etc won’t go away easily even with all the usual counseling & & regardless of the pills, if you don’t have your dietary microvita right.

Case in hand : Do you recall the 2 most powerful words, or rather feelings, that produced the most beautiful crystalline structures in Mr. Emoto’s research ?

Love + gratitude.

Hence thou shalt not eat if angry or sad. And hence the logic behind invoking divinity before every meal we take.

It has been statistically established that majority of the cancers have a psychological angle as well. So instead of focussing on the mis-directed ‘intelligence’ of the tumour, why not appreciate & restore the intelligence of the rest of our existence 1st?

A protein called gas6 can destroy and consume your body’s own cells when they are no longer needed. Where does it get it’s discrimination from?

Think about the intelligence that comes ‘magically’ into play when, say there is a skin-cut causing bleeding. How quickly fibrin & blood clot gets formed?

What about the intelligence behind a lymphocytes identifying the antigens of invading microbes. T cells touch to communicate with one another during an immune response. They are busy collecting & interpreting information before taking some intelligent action upon it.

The Bible says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood… “-Lev 17:11TLB; Isn’t it time we learn to take good care of those nascent particles of life?

Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life!

Distinguishing Microvita : The fundamental units of Your life

Click to learn in 12 minutes how microvita make you up [illustrated video]

To understand microvita we gotta 1st appreciate that all matter & energy is eventually resolvable into minutest bubbles of consciousness – in all its varied forms.

The omniscient consciousness has 3 facets integrated together, though they seem to function independently, as observed in manifest nature. In simple words they are : Will, Wisdom & Activity. While different religions present them allegorically & metaphorically – they remain the root-expressions of all there is.

Everything around us can be ultimately divided into these 3. When investigating the particles of matter & quanta of energy – they also have atleast the “activity” vibration at it’s maximum. A smaller subset of them also have the “wisdom” vibration in all it’s potency. They are the ones responsible for the brilliancy & aliveness of life. Don’t they deserve to be distinguished apart? Shri P. R. Sarkar called them MicroVita. Btw, that’s what our body aspires for, when it’s hungry.

Swine Flu Meta-Physics & Meta-Cure

With pandemic stupidity defining a nations ‘well-preparedness’ by the amount of a nasty useless drug it has stockpiled – you may want to know that these allopathic medicines only concentrate bad ‘microVita‘ – the single fundamental cause of all diseases & disorders.

If you ever got cured of any disease or infection it was because of your own good microvita supply & inspite of whatever medicine you tortured your body with. Microvita are submicroscopic & sub-quantum living-growing-multiplying-dying entities.

While it is well known that all flu started with the mass-killer 1918-19 spanish flu what is not known is how it really started. As per nature’s law, thousands of dead bodies lying unattended during the 1914-18, attracted destructive agents from outside the earth to do what they did best – decompose those bodies as ‘the dead must decay’. They were the subtler microvita – the fundamental units of all life – but of the bad type.

They travel uninterrupted unstopped across all the worlds – for example in the form of bio-photons. Since then they have adopted our earth as their home as they really fell deeply in love with some of the herd-minded earthlings here : pig-minded pigs, bird-headed birds & both pig-minded + bird-headed of all humans as their well-deserved hosts.

Not killing such a gullible host ensures their survival as well – otherwise they would perish with the easy 2-legged prey once the infected body was fully disintegrated into it’s 5 basic elements.

Look at it this way : When viruses infect a cell – some of them don’t even have enter the cell fully, they leave their shell OUTSIDE the cell membrane; only their DNA/RNA & enzymes actually enters the cell. Does that mean DNA & enzymes are the fundamental units of life? Well actually not! They are both aggregated forms of even smaller types of microvita. DNA are records & only enzymes can read them. Enzymes get their proactive intelligence from the active microvita inherent in them.

In the face of any such attack, the ONLY meta-cure is to overwhelm the negative microvita behind it (in this case the AH1N1 strain of swineflu virus) with positive microvita ie supportive entities which can attack & destroy them.

But most people already have so much of disruptive microvita inside them that any infection with a comparatively trickier microvita aggregation like this new viral strain will just take them down easily without much of a fight. This was already the case with all the people who have succumbed so far, unfortunately.

Since our foods are the 1st gateway to all our microvita supply, do you think it may be of some use to wake up & choose our foods so that they increase the supply of helpful microvita while minimizing & eliminating the bad ones as much as possible. In my attempt to do that for myself I came up with the no-less-than-Miraculous MicroVita SuperDiet.

I have collated a ton of killer info there. As per -tamiflu also uses Star Anise – a common spice in asia – as the only credible source of whatever little efficacy it has. But since natural herbs can’t be patented, they gotta extract & repackage it into some crazy patentable concoction so that they can fleece all the sheeple of this big microvita world. Another ploy to suck up our tax money, Huh!

There are so many other traditional local herbs everywhere in the world that will fight any bloody foe for you, just for a few pennies. In our lingo, they are imbibed with good microvita.

Again as per Natural News, when millions died in 1919, the only cure that worked with almost 100% success rate were homeopathic medicines – Bryonia and Gelsemium – the viral intelligence, virulence & novelty not withstanding.

Here are few of the many others that work for flu : Oscillococcinum, Ferrum Phos, Rhus tox…

Get them prescribed, as appropriate, by a homeopathic Dr. if need be; but better still get prevented & better equipped internally.

With the real numbers crossing well over a 100k infections, truth indeed seem’s to be the 1st casuality. But please don’t let your goodself be the next one… nor even your loved ones.

I love you (& the poor Mexican swine as well!). We are all good microvita. 🙂

Happy Super-Dieting!

Suffering from Swine flu Brain-wash?

Suffering from Swine flu Brain-Washing?

Yeah! A cure for the ubiquitious swine influenze idiocy is more urgent than for the swine virus iself.
Here’s why :

Do you know that –

1. Tamiflu (the “medicine” being touted around for swine flu) has already killed 14 kids because of neurological problems (implies they encourage bad microvita)? Tamiflu is  proscribed for kids in Japan.

2. The Side effects of Tamiflu are the very symptoms caused by flu? There are other dangerous side-effects as well.

3. Tamiflu only reduces the duration of flu by 1.5 days?

4. It increases the chances of secondary bacterial infections (ie more of negative microvita) because of the damages it causes?

5. With the ever-mutating flu viruses – it’s just a matter of time before they develop resistance to tamiflu?

6. Most flu vaccines have toxic mercury which causes severe heavy metal poisoning?

7. Some of the drug lords benefiting from this mayhem had “inadvertently” released the deadly avian flu virus few weeks back as part of their flu vaccine?

8. All new medication that comes up would not have been adequately tested in terms of it’s long term damages? As a MicroVita SuperDieter we know that it will cause more harms than help.

9. With the AH1N1 virus simultaneously having genes from multiple human, avian & swine strains – suspicions about it being engineered are getting stronger as it cannot happen naturally on it’s own? By following their advice are you also playing into the hands of the game-makers?

10. Disinfecting our environ can’t stop person-to-person direct transmission of the virus – & that’s how it primarily spreads?

11. Face masks are meant more to protect others from the wearer than the other way round – they are also leaky & hence ineffective?

12. Immigration screening can’t stop the spread of the virus because most virus carriers will develop the symptoms much later after exiting the airport?

13. The bankrupt “germ-theory of disease” is driving this craze? It’s about Your internal milieu & NOT about the virus.

Get the whole scoop @ the site – The Only Guaranteed way to kill the AH1N1 Swine flu virus if it ever strikes anywhere near you. Get 40 critical Anti-viral nutritives as well!

Wishing you an absolutely FLU-ent health!

References :

Kinetin : An anti-oxidative LONGEVITY rejuvenator

Ever heard of the plant hormone KINETIN? It delays the onset of many cellular and biochemical characteristics associated with cellular aging of cultured human cells.

Some of the main effects by using the Hayflick system of human fibroblast aging are:

– maintaining the youthful morphology for much longer period (up to 95% of completed lifespan)
– reversing senescent morphology.
– maintaining youthful pattern of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis.
– slowing down the rate of accumulation of age-pigment like things.

These effects can be best seen as “preventive” effects instead of reversion of ageing. Cells grown continuously stay younger. Most importantly, these effects are achieved without interfering with the maximum proliferative capacity. No additonal cell divisions are induced. This is unlike all other anti-ageing things reported for cell cultures for example, FGF, PDGF, ginseng, carnosine. All those things induce additional cell divisions which can be potentially harmful in terms of making cells move on a path to immortalization (here meaning cancer.)

Kinetin is N6-furfunyadenine, a modified base that can get incorporated in tRNA. … in our experiments Kinetin is the most effective.

Best natural source of kinetin related cytokinins are: all germinating seeds and growing tips.

The paper: Kinetin delays the onset of ageing characteristics in human fibroblasts, by SIS Rattan & BFC Clark is in Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications, vol 201. Compiled from USENET bionet.molbio.ageing on new “Anti-Ageing Discoveries”.

Sprouts for body-building?

Sprouts & Sex – toss away the blue/orange pill

A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)

The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)

BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’

Our food isn’t, if reduced to matter…

Easiest (& virtually unknown, unappreciated, unfollowed) way to Flat Abs!

Lets consider what theoreticaly constitutes an IDEAL diet to effortlessly “manifest” a flat tummy 🙂

1. A SATIATING low calories intake – otherwise nobody can stick with it.

2. Yummilicious fare one excitingly looks forward to – otherwise one may not even consider it beyond the 1st meal / bite.

3. Quick ‘n Easy recipes to dish out instant sensations – practical to follow.

4. Foods that inherently speeds up the metabolism – no contrived manipulations needed.

6. Naturally deplaques the fat & calcium deposits along the blood vessels – otherwise NO matter how much exercise you do, they cannot & do not chelate the stuff stuck perennially on the internal walls of veins & arteries (not just in torso but elsewhere else as well).

7. Easiest to digest – so that the body fully absorbs & actually uses all the promised goodies.

8. Fully organic – so that we stay fully detoxified all the time. High protein, low fat & other artificial so-called-healthy diets & supplements introduce lots of toxins, increasing the workload of all our organs.

9. Cost-effective to follow – no “pay-big-money-to-get-bulk-discount” scams where you have to shell out huge advances before you even know if it’s ever gonna work for you..

10. Sustainable gains – no remissions because it’s perfectly sensible & delicately balanced.

We delve upon all this in the non-commercial super-myth-busting ‘Primal Health-Bites‘ standard reference gazette. If a flat tummy is synonymous with a healthy attractive physique May i invite you to…

It’s my open challenge to all those who pick the gauntlet to propose a better nutritional approach if they ever come across any that holistically delivers faster returns.

The weight-loss conundrum

Is this how YOUR blood looks like?

Sprouts for body-building?

Sprouts & Sex – toss away the blue/orange pill

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist

Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.

The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?

A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)

The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)

BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’

Permanent Eczema Treatment (Part 1 of 5)

Our food isn’t, if reduced to matter…

Our food isn’t, if reduced to matter…

“ Can you not see that food is not matter? The material part of bread is carbon, water, gas and earth; the material part of fat is charcoal and gas; the material part of flesh is water and gas, the material part of fruits is mostly water with a little charcoal and gas. The material constituents of all foods are plentiful, they abound everywhere, and yet amid the unlimited, unorganized materials that go to form foods, man would starve.

Give a healthy man a diet of charcoal, water, lime salts, and air; say to him ‘ Bread contains no other substance, here is bread, the material food of man, live on this food,’ and yet the man, if he eat of these, will die with his stomach distended. So with all other foods; give man the unorganized material constituents of food in unlimited amounts, and starvation results. No! Matter is not food, but a carrier of food.”

“ What is food? “

“ Sunshine. The grain of wheat is a food by virtue of the sunshine fixed within it… Break out the sunshine (by cooking it) and you destroy the food, although the material remains. The growing plant (sprouts) locks the sunshine in its cells, and the living man takes it out again. With the life-force (represented by the presense of enzymes) burnt away the material becomes injurious, although it’s the same material that was organized as a food utilizing the bio-energy from sun. Such devitalized matter slowly destroys the life of man.

“ The farmer plants a seed in the soil, the sunshine sprouts it, nourishes the growing plant, and during the season locks itself to and within it’s tissues, binding the otherwise dead materials of that tissue together into an organized structure. Animals eat these structures, break them from higher to lower compounds, and in doing so live on the stored up sunshine and then excrete the worthless material side of the food. The farmer spreads these excluded substances over the earth again to once more take up the sunshine in the growing plant organization, but not until it does once more lock in its cells the energy of sunshine can it be a food for that animal.”

“ Is manure a food?” he abruptly asked.


“ Is not manure matter?”

“ Yes.”

“ May it not become food again, as a part of another plant, when another season passes?”

“ Yes.”

“ In what else than energy ( Bio-Plasmic Ether /Qi / Prana from sun ) does it differ from food?”

“ Water is a necessity,” I said.

“ And locked in each molecule of water there is a mine of sunshine. Liberate suddenly the sun energy from the gases of the ocean held in subjection thereby, and the Earth would disappear in an explosion that would reverberate throught the universe. The water that you truly claim to be necessary to the life of man, is itself water by the grace of this same sun, for without its heat water would be ice, dry as dust. ‘Tis the sun that gives life and motion to creatures animate and substances inanimate; he who doubts distrusts his Creator. Food and drink are only carriers of bits of assimilable sunshine.

Sesame Sprout

… and I say to you the food of man and the organic life of man is sunshine.

Paraphrased & adapted from “The eye-less Seer” in Etidorhpa (Pardon the archaic english).

Amongst all “real” foods, the bio-energy is most concentrated in Sprouts. Wanna find out why?

Sprouts & Sex – toss away the blue/orange pill
My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist
Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.
The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?
The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?
BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’
Permanent Eczema Treatment (Part 1 of 5)

Sprouts & Sex – toss away the blue/orange pill

As per research in the Agricultural Experiment Station, Beltsville, Maryland, USA, some sprouts have been successfully used to restore the fertility of unfertile cows. Would you like to guess why?
Because sprouts are the best sources of all the “Sex Nutriments” (besides other nutrients).

What are these sex-nutriments?
Well, Vitamin E for sure is known as The “sex vitamin”. And some sprouts like wheat (complete list in my book) have 3 times more vitamin E than whole wheat.

But then Vitamin E supplementation would have done the job as well… Why sprout?
For atleast 3 sexy reasons –

1. In order to fully absorb Vitamin E (or any other nutriment for that matter) it must be provided as part of a complex set of varied nutrients some of which may still be beyond a thorough conclusive understanding of modern dieticians. In other words Vit E or any other “sex-nutriment” on its own wouldn’t do much.

2. The nutriments must be bio-available so that they actually get utlilized by the body, which is not the case with supplements.

3. The digestion of the food shouldn’t dig into one’s energy reserves. That leaves it available to help the body recuperate.

etc. etc.

If you think optimum energy levels & a healthy body resulting from a complete set of bio-available “sex-nutriments” can help us lesser humans as well then go search for “sex” over here (no where else & I won’t tell your mummy, promise!). You might as well discover the password for hot st(r)eaming ….  forever.

With a fourth of all men & women suffereing from infertility &/or some other sexual problems, sprouts may indeed be food for s__  er.. emm…  thought.

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist
Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.
The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?
The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?
BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’
Permanent Eczema Treatment (Part 1 of 5)

Permanent Eczema Treatment (Part 1 of 5)

Before we go into actual eczema treatment you may want to get clear on the most common mistake all eczema sufferers make.
They simplistically assume that it’s a localized ailment. And then they erroneously look for topical solutions.

All these are temporary palliatives at most. As a matter of fact some of the harsher allopathic medicines may actually be harmful in the long run.

What an avoidable waste of time, effort & money! Would you like to bypass the endless treacherous trail followed by the rest of those afflicted?

If you have anything to do with eczema then I am sure you know that eczema is a tricky allergic reaction involving blood & skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the body & blood is everywhere under it. So we have an endemic toxicity here which builds up gradually in the blood until it flares up in the most vulnerable part of the skin. This continues forever. Unless…

Do you know what is the single biggest cause of ALL allergies?

The answer may surprise some – it’s COOKED food in all it’s shameless glory.

“Well then everyone should be suffering from eczema” you may sharply contend.

Yeah, you are right. All fired-food consumers are suffering indeed; but from some or the other affliction which WILL eventually show up later in life – but is harming them right now as well. Check out  the partial list here.

So can you REALLY imagine life sans eczema?
If yes then are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Do you REALLY want to cure your eczema for good? Many sufferers subconsciously own their disease to the point that if it suddenly disappears then it leaves behind a void  in their life – abruptly bereft of something they were so used to complaining / self-pitying  about. :-p

And that may be a bigger challenge.

If that isn’t the issue with you then I invite you to gradually upgrade to the ultimate “organic living sprouts” diet. If you have tried everything else but with unsatisfactory results or if you want to cut short your learning curve then give it a shot for a month or so atleast; the results will speak for themselves.

Why do I claim that?
Well check out my general thesis here on the perils of fired foods. Ofcourse I know 1st hand that my eczema-solution is easier said than done – but not as much as you think. Do read up on my own transient ordeals in some of my other posts mentioned below to expedite your progress. In just over a month, I made the adventurous switchover. You might as well – depending on your level of commitment. But before you get started – lets get some more clarity in the FAQ section towards the bottom.

So that was the starting point towards a final eczema cure forever. Do you remember how life was before eczema struck?

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist
Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.
The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?
The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?
BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’

BEWARE! The over-sold ‘Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts’

Many readers find their way here looking for “alfalfa sprout benefits”. As someone who has invested some time studying nutrition in all it’s glory beyond the commercialized myths, I thought it was high time I lay out some of the bleaker facts about alfalfa sprouts for everyone’s benefit. People generally tend to base their decisions on over-advertised research findings which generally focus on only 1 aspect of a certain thing at the exclusion of all others (for example benefits versus risks). It may serve you to know the following before you put your health at stake with the much-celebrated alfalfa sprouts :-

  1. Whatever few food-poisoning ever happened with sprouts, almost all of them where because of alfalfa; Nothing to panic about though. Just keep in mind that alfalfa is generally grown as an animal feed. These kind of alfalfa seeds – are NOT pathogen certified – & hence are more likely to be infected because animal feed products are beyond the purview of food-health regulations which have been formulated for farming done for human consumption.Recommendation : Grow your sprouts at home using “non-pathogen certified” organic seeds meant for sprouting. You can get them on eBay or in your neighbourhood health shop.
  2. Alfalfa sprouts have a relatively higher amount of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens may be good for menopausal women but not so for the rest of them (they contribute to PMS). Men can ofcourse do without them. If given in excess to kids (for ex. in baby food), they may interfere with optimum sexual development of boys while making girl childs achieve puberty pre-maturely. Again nothing to panic as phytoestrogens are already present in many common fruits & vegetables commonly consumed by all.Recommendation : I think we can do with one less source of phytoestrogens- given the huge choice of seeds with better benefits.
  3. Alfalfa sprouts contain sapotoxins, malonic acid and L-canavanine sulfate. Some people have reported negative health effects from their consumption. The toxic saponin levels are at their highest when alfalfa sprouts are 6-8 days old ie when it is commonly eaten. L-canavanine sulfate is present in the seed and decreases as the sprout grows. According to all this research, consuming large amounts of alfalfa sprouts is risky. For example, sapotoxins in alfalfamay reduce serum cholesterol by preventing its reabsorption after it has been excreted in the bile. Another research reports no harmful effects from consumption of moderate amounts of raw alfalfa sprouts. Low-saponin cultivars of alfalfa have also been developed.Recommendation : Given all the risks above, I’ll suggest you look elsewhere. There are 70+ seeds that we can sprout easily at home.

Now lets look at the purported benefits of the over-commercialized alfalfa sprouts :-
1. All the claims based on it’s nutrients can simply be applied to many other sprouts as well – but WITHOUT the risks high-lighted above.

2. Any claims about it being a complete food is a bit of an exaggeration as there is NO ONE single food on planet earth which possesses every nutrient human body needs. Spirulina comes close but no nutritionist will ever recommend eating just 1 type of food. Yes, one may kind of make this claim about the entire set of sprouts because if you eat a variety of them then indeed you will get almost all the nutrients including Vitamins T, H & P. Thats why I eat about a dozen different types of sprouts & soaks on a daily basis. They are easy to grow & takes just 15 mins or so a day if you follow the prescribed methodology.

I have been Sprouting @ Home for almost 8 yrs now & never went beyond my 1st packet of alfalfa seeds because –

  1. It takes much longer – actually double the time to sprout as compared to most other sprouts.
  2. It’s more finicky than most other sprouts.
  3. The seeds sprouting rate is lesser than many other sprouts.
  4. It is more temperature sensitive than many other sprouts.

These reasons coupled with the risks mentioned above were enough for me to explore further & I was happy to find even more nutritive sprouts out there. I have formulated them into 2 super-potent sprouts-muesli which provide me all the nutrients we can obtain from the interesting & versatile sprouts kingdom. I go out of the sprouting world only for the very few nutrients which I have not found in the otherwise enzyme-rich sprouting world.

Some of the posts here will give you a taste of it but do you really want to get a feel of the peak in nutrition, better than even what a “syllabus bound” nutritionist or commercially ‘sponsored’ researcher out there would ever recommend?

Anyways, there are some other commonly consumed sprouts which can actually be problematic. My course has the entire list. In the mean time, happy sprouting & never mind the over-hyped benefits of alfalfa sprouts.

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist
Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.
The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?
The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?

The best sprout to beat the s*** out of eczema?

It’s the finicky elusive well-sought-after & the highly-priced Flaxseed SPROUT.
(I am sorry, the much celebrated flaxseed OIL or flaxseed POWDER don’t cut it.)

Want to know why?

1. Eczema is an allergic reaction & the omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFA) in flaxseed SPROUTS help by tuning up the immune response, ‘scavenge’ some of the allergens from the blood, brings suppleness and a youthful appearance to the skin & grow healthy cell membranes.

2. Though we do get enough EFA from our regular diet from all the unsaturated oils that we consume. BUT they are all PREDOMINANTLY of Omega 6 type. Now that is a grave imbalance because we need much more of our EFA to be of Omega 3 type. The current omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in our diet ranges from 10:1 to 20:1 or worse. Ideally it should be between 1:1 to 4:1. Now isn’t that a big gap?

And to make things worse, the excess omega 6 competes with whatever little omega 3 we do have in our diet. So even lesser of the omega 3 EFA that we eat actually gets through our guts.

3. That isn’t the end of the story – almost all of this unsaturated oils (with all the omega 3 or 6) are consumed AFTER cooking. Now cooking is an oxidative process which oxidizes most if not all of the (weaker) carbon double bonds which make the oil unsaturated. In other words what we are left with after cooking is not actually oil but some other chemical (oxidized oil) which our body has no use for. It produces cholesterol plaque & other problems… but that’s a different story.

4. Flaxseed is one of the richest natural sources of omega 3 EFAs – better than even fish/ cod liver oil which is usually concentrated with heavy metal poisons. As a matter of fact he FDA recommends limiting consumption of certain fishes (ex. tuna, swordfish etc) due to high levels of toxic contaminants such as mercury, dioxin, PCBs and chlordane.

5. It is totally vegetarian – which means it’s holistically healthier (Well, if you are still harbouring any doubts about that then do sign up for my mailing list; I’ll settle that for you in due course – once and for all).

Flax Sprout

But then what’s wrong with flax-seed powder?

Simply because it has lots of enzyme-inhibitors (just like any other raw seed) which heavily interfere with it’s digestion once ingested.

Well, what about flax-seed oil then?

Again, None of the oils are easy to digest because the extreme heat used while extracting them denatures the fatty acids & destroys some of the nutrients needed to digest them properly. It also converts some of the oil components into free radicals. And cold pressed flax-seed oil will have their anti-enzymes intact – which will not let your enzymes digest the oil properly. If it is not even organic certified then it has pesticides, hexane (or an alternative petroleum based solvent) & possibly other additives. This has been proven in nutritive research.

All oils are best assimilated in their native state ie as part of their native source food. This makes available whatever other nutrients (cofactors, vitamins, minerals etc) we need to metabolize them inside our cells. This whole family of accessory nutrients are present in the right ratio in the ‘living foods’ alongwith the oil. (raw unsprouted seeds are not fully alive – they are hibernating. A sprout is vigorously alive).

Does that leave us with just one option?

Unless you can get hold of Chia seeds to sprout. It’s best to SPROUT them (flaxseeds or Chia) regularly for a certain specific duration (as prescribed) so that the enzyme-inhibitors are gotten rid of. And then eat them raw – sprinkled over salad or something like that. By that time the growing sprout will be be all-rich with the exact other nutrients & enzymes NEEDED to completely process & assimilate the OMEGA 3 EFA in them.

And btw, they are fully ORGANIC (as long as you grow them following my process) & most economical & effective as compared to all other alternatives.

Hey, but did I tell you that flaxseeds (& Chia) are some of the most difficult sprouts to grow? Well, given the upside potential if you succeed with it, I am sure you will still give it a fair try or alternatively let me get you up to speed in no time; Guaranteed!

Now, before you go – please eat them ONLY IN MODERATION because just like many other common foods – they may harm you if taken in excess (I have mentioned the exact daily quantity in my package).

Wait! Wait!! One last thing. There are a few other good (natural, vegetarian, organic, cheap, actually digestible) sources of Omega 3 EFA as well – more about them in my package.

I generally don’t recommend any supplements if you can lay your hands on the natural foods with a li’l more extra effort. The benefits comparatively far outshine the initial ‘trouble’. You gotta try it to know.

Flax away that eczema!

The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?

Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.

What an interesting time it has been experimenting & reinventing my diet these few weeks. The fundamentals are finally in place now – exactly the way I wanted them to be at this point in my life. I have come up with my own meta-resume to make the raw carbs much more tastier. And best thing is that it is customized for my personal psycho-somatic constitution (Discover your essential constitutional type in the “Primal Health-Bites” eZine ).

I also expanded my range of raw enzyme-rich carbs by adding the local (beige coloured) turnip, etc. They are juicy & almost sweetish. The purple ones may look prettier but are bit too bitter to be enjoyed raw. My concoctions err..emm.. recipes, allowed me to eat more (as I wanted to) as the nausea went away. All this happened very gradually though as it took me quite some time to train myself to stop eating after a moderate amount even though my hunger hadn’t subsided. It seems it takes 10 minutes or so for the brain to recognize that the stomach is full thereby signaling satiation. So it was always a little while AFTER I had stopped eating that I would realize that I have OVER-eaten. Mind you, that feeling of satiation is very subtle (for me) – it’s never as heavy as one feels after a COOKED ‘sumptuous’ meal. After many days of under- & over-correction now I know exactly when to stop so as not to get nausea (due to unknowingly over-eating) or remain underfed (& feel hungry very soon) on the other hand.

Guess what? The constipation-cum-flatulence I reported in my last post is now history. But stool formation is still lesser than in a cooked food routine – looks like most of what I eat gets easily absorbed by the body. Now isn’t that ideal?

But that’s not all.. my meal size was still less than my erstwhile cooked food consumption. And that lead to a further weight loss by 2 more kgs within the next 2 weeks. That explains why I would feel hunger-pangs soon after every raw meal & so I went ahead to increase the frequency of my meals from 3.5/day to now 4.5/day. Now finally the overall quantity of food intake is same as it was when I was on a sprouts + cooked carbo diet. This finally helped me to regain 1 precious kg & am standing to re-coup the rest of the 2 kgs sooner than later.

I feel great indeed 🙂

The weight-loss conundrum
A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)
The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)
Is this how YOUR blood looks like?
Sprouts for body-building?

My 1st week as a Raw-Foodist

Finally I took the plunge.. YiPpIe! So far I have been enjoying fresh raw sprouts mostly with other cooked dishes like brown-rice & mashed potatoes (in order to beef up my calories). All the while I was eerily aware of the enzyme-less-ness of the cooked carbos. Now, sprouts are the richest sources of all nutrients EXCEPT carbohydrates.

This may be the manna from heaven for weight-loss enthusiasts but for weight-gain wanna-bes like me – I must confess, I felt a bit stuck with cooked foods STILL un-avoidable in my plate. This was largely because I had no time to learn about how to methodically transition to a complete raw living foods diet. But then destiny intervened & recently I happened to come across this bare comment by a newbie raw-foodist (in some forum) expressing surprise that he never thought potatoes can be eaten RAW!

And that ‘revelation’ kept ringing in the back of my head on & off for a few days untill I gathered enough courage to give it a shot myself. What motivated me further was the fact that I felt so sleepy after almost every lunch; & caffeine is more of a problem than a solution we all know. So one fateful afternoon, too lazy to cook or to go out for eating, & too wary of falling asleep again after a cooked meal, I finally cajoled myself to make the move. After more than an hour of dilly-dallying I finally brought myself before the kitchen counter all set to “bite the bullet”… errr… a mere potato in this case… But yeah, Virgin RAW. Continue reading

The weight-loss conundrum

Breaking News :
“Health, fitness, weight-loss constitute the biggest chunk of all new year resolutions.” 🙂
And what’s the story of the weight-loss scene? :-
“… Amongst the ‘busy’ over-worked masses ‘fad diets’ continue to rule the roost.”

It’s possible these fancy diets may have something useful in them “backed by scientific evidence & latest research” and promoted by professionally qualified authors. But based on what I see around, many are akin to the get-rich-quick scams : long on dreams, short on results. What do you want?

Why is it so difficult to believe that – best things in life are indeed free.

I suppose… Continue reading