Breast Feeding Timing is not Everything

For all those mothers who have heard all the talk about looking at the timing of feeding your baby – even during breastfeeding moments, well, the truth is out …. you will go insane.

The truth of watching the clock and figuring out the timing of when to breastfeed is one of the fastest way to put yourself in an asylum. Imagine getting up every two hours just to check the time and then even if you aren’t suppose to get up at that time, your own bioclock will wake you to just check on the time.

Here’s advice for those breastfeeding – throw away all those timing pieces you have in the house. The baby doesn’t need to know the time and neither do you. That’s what the principle of breastfeeding-on-demand is for! When the baby is hungry – feed. When the baby is suppose to breastfeed – feed! Don’t start keeping checks on the time or whatever else distracts you from the big and only objective – that is to keep the baby fed and eating whenever he/she wants! Good luck on the feeds – without the time guards please.

While you are feeding your baby, remember to feed yourself because you would need as much nourishment as your child. Worry not about putting weight because you can take care of that easily.

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