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Don’t give Hydrocortisone to your Babies

Avoid giving your baby Hydrocortisone or any other form of steroid creams even they might give temporarily relieve.They seem harmless or that’s what you think. On the contrary, they are potentially dangerous.

The issue with using creams like Hydrocortisone is that it contains steroids. If it is constantly used on a baby’s skin, it can have damaging effects on the baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is too soft and too fragile for a strong cream. In fact, dermatologists also do not recommend long term usage for adults. For this reason, steroid cream shouldn’t be used constantly, and continually for a long period of time to treat dry skin or eczema for babies and young children.

Fatigue in Pregnancy

I’m tired. No, that’s an understatement. I’m down right fatigue as I’m really pregnant.  It’s 2am in the morning and the baby’s kicked again. It’s time to roll out of bed and head for the loo for that time to release again. However, the mind is willing to drag me out of bed but my body isn’t – what can it be this time for me?

Many women report fatigue during pregnancy as one of their most trying symptoms. After all, it is hard to get up and go when all you really feel like doing is sleeping. The body is working twenty four hours a day seven days a week creating a new life inside. That’s enough work to make anyone tired and cranky!

During pregnancy many women also have more difficulty sleeping at night, and this can contribute to pregnancy fatigue. Hormone changes including rising levels of progesterone can contribute to feelings of fatigue in pregnancy as well.

There are many ways to cope with fatigue at your own pace:

  • Go to bed early. There is no reason to stay up until 11 because that is what your normally do. During pregnancy your body needs as much sleep as possible, so there is nothing wrong with turning in early. Don’t feel guilty
    for taking care of yourself and your baby.
  • Take a nap. You should try to take a catnap each day if possible during your pregnancy, particularly during the last trimester. Even 15 minutes of downtime can improve your spirits and provide you the pick me up you need to get through the day.
  • Eat several mini meals per day. This will help keep your energy reserves up and prevent you from feeling sluggish due to inadequate nutrition. Do not worry too much about putting on weight. Sensible eating nourish yourself and your baby and will not cause excessive weight gain. There is such thing as pregnancy without pounds
  • Invest in a body pillow. This will help alleviate some of the backache and leg cramps you experience during the evening and may help you sleep better despite your growing belly.
  • Ask for help! Get some help around the house. The less work you have to do the more rested you will feel. Your baby will appreciate a rested mummy more than a clean house after all.

There are many other ways to stave off the fatigue but these are really the basics that should make you feel better immediately.

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