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Contact Lens or Glasses?

For many years, I have never liked the idea of wearing contact lens. You see, I felt that my eyes were very delicate precision instruments and poking a piece of plastic in there might not be the smartest thing to do.

So, glasses for me. But recently, when I started doing more sports, I found that glasses had their own problems. Not only breaking, when I sweat, they keep slipping off. Fasteners are uncomfortable and bands look really icky.

So, I decided to look at contact lens. After some research, I guess I am convinced that they are safe to use. Then of course, I needed to make sure I got good and cheap contact lens when I do go out and purchase contact lens.

I did find one, but if anyone has a nice source of good quality, cheap contact lens, please share.

By the way, contact lens are not a direct replacement for your glasses, you do need to see an optometrist to determine the optimal power for your lens.