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When I attempted a google search on “sprouts”, I saw an awesome and somewhat intimidating 5,870,000 results. I visited several sites on the first 10 pages of Google and then I gave up. It’s very exhausting to visit all the relevant sites even though the information gathered were well worth the effort. My eyes were so tired that I slept for a straight 12 hours thereafter.I told Sprout Enthusiast, Taarak, about this and encouraged him to write a simple report on sprouts. It’s not just about the benefits of eating sprouts as that’s a dime a dozen on the internet. In fact, you can find a few related articles on general benefits to treating acne, eczema, cancer and osteoporosis at this blog. What I wanted Taarak to share is both the science and the holistic insights behind the benefits of eating sprouts. Equally important is to put the mambo jumbo simply so that people can cut through the jargons to grasp the facts quickly and easily.

Secret to LongevityTaarak has put together a 16-page report. Like he said, it’s elementary as it is, after all, a quick glimpse; a snappy overview. Still, it has some interesting information that I haven’t come across elsewhere.

For me, the entire section on enzymes is the most fascinating.

“It seems that we inherit a certain enzyme potential at birth. This limited supply of activity factors or life force must last us a lifetime. It’s just as if you inherited a certain amount of money. If the movement is all one way — all spending and no income — you will run out of money… … Other things being equal, you live as long as your body has enzyme activity factors to make enzymes from.”

I’m inviting you – regardless whether you are a sprout enthusiast or a “healthy eating”, “healthy living” advocate to download “The Secret to Longevity” at this blog totally free. And I promise you, you don’t have to buy anything and there isn’t even an advertisement to get you to buy product, join affiliate program or anything like that. It’s just one of our ways to spread healthy eating through sprouting and eating sprouts through our blog. We are collecting your email so that we can send you any new information or insights. You are free to unsubscribe anytime, so, that should not be a concern.

Just fill in the form below and The Secret of Longevity” is yours totally free.

Thank you, Taarak!

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