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Get Really Slim For Christmas, Fast!

OK, like it or not, it is here. That’s right. The most wonderful time of the year, and the most terrible. In the midst of the jolly ho-ho-ho, you are looking at the weighing machine and going “Oh, no! no! no!”

But you know, that is not as bad because by that time, you have already enjoyed all the wonderful food, binged your way across a zillion parties and now, you are ready to buckle down and pay the piper. lose belly fat fastUnfortunately, many of us are dying to get ready for Christmas! We want to look our svelte-ly best. We want to wear that spiffy tux or that slinky outfit.

Well… what if, you had someone who can tell you, and has shared his Belly Fat Free tips on many many of the top TV networks. Yes, he has been on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, Today… you name it! You just know that I am talking about the “7 Day Belly Blast Diet” right? They are touting that you can drop up to 11lbs of belly fat, toxic waste and excess water in just 7 days.

kim lyons from the biggest loserYes, this could very well be your life saver this Christmas! Well? What are you waiting for? Go get it. Oh, and come back and let us know if it worked for you too.

Oh, apparently, there is some kind of bonus involving this foxy lady who happens to be some kind of celebrity trainer, you know?

Easiest (& virtually unknown, unappreciated, unfollowed) way to Flat Abs!

Lets consider what theoreticaly constitutes an IDEAL diet to effortlessly “manifest” a flat tummy 🙂

1. A SATIATING low calories intake – otherwise nobody can stick with it.

2. Yummilicious fare one excitingly looks forward to – otherwise one may not even consider it beyond the 1st meal / bite.

3. Quick ‘n Easy recipes to dish out instant sensations – practical to follow.

4. Foods that inherently speeds up the metabolism – no contrived manipulations needed.

6. Naturally deplaques the fat & calcium deposits along the blood vessels – otherwise NO matter how much exercise you do, they cannot & do not chelate the stuff stuck perennially on the internal walls of veins & arteries (not just in torso but elsewhere else as well).

7. Easiest to digest – so that the body fully absorbs & actually uses all the promised goodies.

8. Fully organic – so that we stay fully detoxified all the time. High protein, low fat & other artificial so-called-healthy diets & supplements introduce lots of toxins, increasing the workload of all our organs.

9. Cost-effective to follow – no “pay-big-money-to-get-bulk-discount” scams where you have to shell out huge advances before you even know if it’s ever gonna work for you..

10. Sustainable gains – no remissions because it’s perfectly sensible & delicately balanced.

We delve upon all this in the non-commercial super-myth-busting ‘Primal Health-Bites‘ standard reference gazette. If a flat tummy is synonymous with a healthy attractive physique May i invite you to…

It’s my open challenge to all those who pick the gauntlet to propose a better nutritional approach if they ever come across any that holistically delivers faster returns.

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5 Facts To Get Flat Abs

We don’t need to be Miss Universe or Mr Universe to want to have a flat abs. The fact is, a flat tummy is healthier than a fat belly. A fat belly is basically made up of layers and layers of fats.

According to Mike Geary- Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), there are 5 Facts we MUST understand if we are ever going lose belly fat and get a flat ab.

1. Many so-called “health foods” are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that can actually cause you to gain more belly fat… yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.

This is so true. Even if the food companies did not mislead, many people perceive low-sugar as no sugar. Certain foodstuff may have the words “no sugar added” but to make the food tasty and delicious, other ingredients have been added. These other inclusions may not be exactly good for our health.

2. Ab exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are actually the LEAST effective method of getting flat six pack abs.

Well, SEALS do lots of sit-ups. In fact, we got a feedback at this site that SEALS sometimes do at least 1000 sit ups each time. Continue reading

The weight-loss conundrum

Breaking News :
“Health, fitness, weight-loss constitute the biggest chunk of all new year resolutions.” 🙂
And what’s the story of the weight-loss scene? :-
“… Amongst the ‘busy’ over-worked masses ‘fad diets’ continue to rule the roost.”

It’s possible these fancy diets may have something useful in them “backed by scientific evidence & latest research” and promoted by professionally qualified authors. But based on what I see around, many are akin to the get-rich-quick scams : long on dreams, short on results. What do you want?

Why is it so difficult to believe that – best things in life are indeed free.

I suppose… Continue reading

5 Diet Tips to Get A Flat Abs

Flat AbsThe 6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs in this blog was very well received with more than 30,000 hits. One reader sent us an email:

“You have talked about reducing empty calories and eliminating liquid calories. Why not elaborate more on the diet we should keep for a trim abs?”

Indeed, keeping a right diet for flattened abs is extremely important to actually getting the desired “flat abs”. Everything you put into your mouth must be geared towards flattening your abs. It may sound frightening, but really, you don’t have to make huge sacrifices and major changes to get your flattened abs.

Consider these hot tips for your flat abs diet.

1. Take low calorie alternatives. Let’s be realistic about not drinking your coke and soda for the rest of your life. We grew up with Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and to think that they aren’t part of our life is unpleasant. Fortunately, most foods now come with a “Zero”, “Light”, “Diet”, “Low-Fat” or “Sugar-Free” option. Take that option. It may not taste like the “real thing” but at least, you still have something. It’s a small change but it will make a big impact to your daily calorie intake. After a while, you may not notice the switch.

By reducing the amount of calories, your body will be forced to burn off your body fat to compensate. So you’ll lose weight and your abs will flatten.

2. Cut down on sweets. Do you take deserts after every meal? Forget those sweets, crisps and cakes in every meal, just take them (if you REALLY need to) only once a day. This might sound drastic, but it’s the exactly the same concept as point 1. The goal is to drop the amount of high sugar calories. These stuff are all rich in butter, margarines, coconut, cream, sugars and the likes. You don’t need all those fats!

Your body does need small amounts of sugar, fatty oils and the other bits found in sweet foods. So, once a day, treat yourself to a small desert. If you can, go for the healthier alternatives like carrot cake instead of the rich chocolate fudge cake.

3. Consume smaller portions of high carbohydrate foods like potato, bread, noodle and rice. You need them but you still don’t want to eat too much. Too many calories means your body has too much energy. Instead of wasting all the good stuff, your body will store it all up as body fat. Rather than cut out the essential carbohydrates you need, just take slightly smaller portions.

4. Drink lots of water. We grew up with the “8 glasses of water per day” so this is not alien to us. But what’s so important about water to get flat abs? Firstly, our body needs water to keep it running smoothly – just like petrol to cars. Cold water also raise our metabolism for a while as our body tries to warm it up, and that means we’ll burn more calories during the day.

5. Eat smaller but more meals throughout the day. Instead of taking 3 solid meals a day. You can spread your flat abs diet over 4-5 smaller meals.Your body will soon learn that it doesn’t need to hold onto the fuel and so it won’t store so much as body fat. By the way, smaller meal means you substantially cut down on the quantity. You don’t have to eat until you are full. Stop eating when you stop feeling hungry. I usually stop when I’m three-quarters to feeling full and comfortable.

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6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs

Flat TummySix-Packed AbsWhen you reach “middle age”, your middle will shout out that fact, especially if you don’t watch what you eat and you don’t bother to exercise. It’s inevitable. For those who already spot a tummy or a pot-belly, you’ll know that it’s a Herculean effort to even lose a millimeter of the fats accumulated there.

Hopefully, these 6 steps extracted from Sara Ost’s post will help achieve a toned torso quickly.

  1. Forget about sit-ups! You can ignore isolated exercises like sit up and crunches if they had never worked for you. Did you know Navy SEALs and professional athletes never do a single sit-up and shun crunches? According to Sara Ost, some military training guides actually discourage isolated abdominal exercises.
  2. While isolated movements can tone individual muscle groups, for true core fitness, it’s better to do integrated exercises that strengthen your entire body – with defined abs being the happy side effect. Point 5 will explain this further, but two simple, highly-effective integrative exercises you can try are the standing weighted arm lift and the hot potato.

  3. Lose weight first.
    All fitness gurus will emphasize on stomach exercises, and there are lots of sexy abs infomercials on the TV.
  4. Save your money. Until you drop excess pounds, you simply won’t see your abs, whatever their state of fitness. (Yes, your abs – everyone has a natural six-pack under there somewhere!) Lose weight and your abs will show up quite nicely, even if you never do a single sit-up. Men generally need to maintain about 8-14% body fat; women should add 10 to that.

  5. Reduce empty calories.
    We don’t need empty calories. Empty calories can lead to irritability, headaches, cravings, mood swings, and possible nutritional deficiencies.
  6. Cutting empty carbohydrates and sugars out of your life will not only trim your middle; you’ll reduce your risk of diabetes, too. That said, I don’t think you have to become a bloodthirsty carnivore or suffer on low-carb beer for the rest of your life. That’s an approach that is certainly immoderate and definitely not healthy. But do cut back on refined, worthless calories from cakes, cookies, pastries, crackers, chips, big bowls of pasta, and white bread.

  7. Get rid of liquid calories.
    We love our cokes and sodas but they are basically sugared drinks. Beware of freshly squeezed fruits with added sugar solution added in whenever you ordered from your favourite cafe.
  8. And while it’s commonly accepted that juice is healthy, I suggest cutting back. Even 100% juice is still going to spike your blood sugar. A real piece of fruit provides fiber and fills you up; juice just gives you extra calories you don’t need.

  9. Take up integrative exercise system. Exercise help in our overall health and not just our abs. So why not do it?
  10. What do I mean by an “integrative” exercise system? Anything that incorporates resistance, stretching and weight-bearing movement. Excellent choices are yoga, pilates, the Bar Method, martial arts, dance, boot camp classes, and any sports. I’ve had great personal success with yoga; after shedding the excess tummy pudge, it only took a few weeks of yoga for the abs to peek out. Furthermore, an integrative exercise program elongates your muscles, lubricates your joints, and releases the pressure that compacts your vertebral column. Better posture = better abs.

  11. Reduce stress, balance hormones.
  12. Our hormones have a direct relationship to immunity, metabolism, and much more. And stress is a very sure way to disrupt healthy hormone regulation.

    It’s so important to find a way to reduce and manage any stress in your life (again with that yoga!). However you choose to handle stress, don’t shirk this aspect of weight management and health. Your abs are depending on you!

What Sara Ost had shared is sensible and logical. However, There are many routes to Rome, and you might also want to check out Mike Geary’s The Truth about Six-Pack abs. Over at his website, Mike Geary listed 5 facts on losing belly fat and invite men and women to separate section to find out how they can gain a flat abs successfully without doing crunch and sit-up or cardio exercises.

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