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Myth & Fact about Chocolate (2) – cavities

Myth: Chocolate causes cavities.

Fact: Candy alone is not responsible for cavities. Cavities are formed when bacteria in the mouth metabolize sugars and starches from any type of food (soda, candy, juice, bread, rice and pasta) to produce acid. This acid then eats through the enamel of the tooth, causing a cavity.
The protein, calcium and phosphate content of milk chocolate may actually protect tooth enamel, and its naturally-occurring fat content means that chocolate clears the mouth faster than other candy, reducing the amount of time its sugars remain in contact with tooth surfaces.

Regular fluoride use, proper oral hygiene to remove fermentable carbohydrate residue and the application of plastic sealants can all help prevent the formation of cavities—whether you avoid chocolate or not.

Source: Calorie Count

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Myth & Facts on Chocolate (1) – caffeine

Myth: Chocolate is high in caffeine.

Fact: No chocolate is actually not very high in caffeine. A 1.4-ounce chocolate bar or an 8-ounce glass of chocolate milk both contain 6 mg of caffeine, the same amount as a cup of decaffeinated coffee. (For reference, regular coffee contains about 65-135mg of caffeine.)

Source: Calorie Count

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Does Chocolate have “aphrodisiac” effects?

Does Chocolate have “aphrodisiac” effects?

According to Steve Carter

First on the list of “love drugs” is phenyl-ethylamine (PEA), which also occurs naturally in the brain. PEA naturally reaches peak levels during orgasm, and administering PEA increases dopamine levels, stimulating the pleasure centers. PEA is chemically similar to amphetamine (leading to its nickname “chocolate amphetamine”), and has been shown to have similar effects: feelings of attraction, excitement, and giddiness. As a possible aphrodisiac, PEA is seen as a strong candidate by neurologists and dieticians.Second on the list of love-drugs in chocolate is tryptophan. You may be familiar with tryptophan as the reason you fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. Your brain uses tryptophan to make serotonin. In addition to sleepiness, serotonin can produce feelings of elation. The street drug Ecstasy works by increasing serotonin levels. Tryptophan in chocolate may induce similar feelings, albeit at a lower intensity.

Third on the list is anandamide (which means “internal bliss”). Anandamide binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, mimicking the effects of cannabinoid drugs, such as heightened sensitivity, euphoria and a sense of well-being. Cacao also contains two N-acyl-ethanolamines (NAEs) which slow the breakdown of anandamide, prolonging it’s effect. Some researchers have decried the small amounts of Andandamine in chocolate as insufficient to cause any effect. However, PEA and Andandamine may interact with each other, and the stimulants caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate. The overall effect may be romantic or sexually stimulating.

So far there is no conclusive study that chocolate has “aphrodisiac” effects, so studies concede that chocolate does make people felt a little more relaxed and joyful.

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Drink Cocoa to regulate Blood Pressure

According to a previous study, about 1-in-3 American adults have high blood pressure.

Interesting, not so for the  Kuna Indians who live on a group of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Even at 60 years old or older, the average blood pressure for Kuna Indian islanders is a good 110/70.

If you think it’s because the Kuna Indians eat less salt. Well, they consumed as much, if not more salt, than the Americans.

Harvard researchers found that they ftake around 5 cups of cocoa every day. According to the study,  flavonols that are present in cocoa will  stimulate one’s body production of nitric oxide. This means, increase blood flow to your heart, brain and other organs. Interestingly, one study reported that cocoa will thin your blood just as well as low-dose aspirin!

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Health Quote by A. Cornelius Celsus

Live in rooms full of light
Avoid heavy food
Be moderate in the drinking of wine
Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics
Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water
Change surroundings and take long journeys
Strictly avoid frightening ideas
Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements
Listen to music.

~A. Cornelius Celsus

Herpes Outbreaks – Is it Coffee

By Nanci Elliott

I have been conducting a tremendous amount of research on the causes of herpes outbreaks in the past few years and I am now at the point where coffee is looking like a serious culprit. I could not find any medical studies directly linking caffeine to herpes outbreaks (and as there is no money to be made from linking the two, I am not sure who would ever fund this study), I did find a significant amount of data regarding coffee and the adrenal glands.

Coffee and Exhaustion: When you drink coffee, the caffeine will begin by enhancing neuron activity in your brain. This increased neuron activity sends a message to your pituitary gland to secrete a hormone which in return, sends a message to your adrenal glands to release adrenalin. Adrenaline is an important factor in the, “fight or flight” response which puts your body under great stress. Adrenaline is very important if we are being chased in a dark alley or preparing for an athletic event, but at our work desk each morning? Not so important.

Exhaustion and Herpes Outbreaks: This constant flooding of unnecessary adrenaline, coupled with the sharp drop in adrenaline as the hormone wears off, depletes our adrenal glands and can cause fatigue, headache, irritability and/or mental confusion. Continuing with the cycle for years can leave one in a state of complete exhaustion, and it is this exhaustion that in my opinion can lead to chronic herpes outbreaks.

Caffeine; where is it? I have identified coffee as a major source of caffeine but it is vital to recognize that caffeine is found in abundance in chocolate, tea (black and green), and soft drinks. If you think you are consuming too much caffeine or would like further ideas on the source of your herpes outbreaks, Nanci Elliott and her research can be found at The Herpes Blog. Nanci Elliott has been studying female genital herpes for over 20 years and her written work can be found on her blog, as well as on several other herpes information and support websites.
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Edamame as Salad to keep weight down

Would you like your new twist to your regular salad? Think Japanese and go for edamame. Actually, for light eaters, edamame can be your entree too.

If you go to a Japanese restaurant with their sushi or sashimi served on a conveyor belt, you will also see plates or bowls of these green pods. Start with those before you tuck in the rest. These beans will fill you slightly so that you will order less of the delicious Japanese specialties. Like other beans with pods, just break open to eat the slightly green coloured beans inside. They taste yummy.

If you prefer to go economical, buy the fresh and uncooked edamame to boil or steam them at home. If you opt to boil them, you may add some salt to the water for added favour.

Edamame soybeans provide a great combo of protein and fiber-rich carbohydrate. They stabilize your blood sugar levels and curbs your appetite for more food.

One cup edamame (in the pod) provides 180 calories, 16 grams protein and 5 grams fiber.

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Eat Fruits to Lose Fats

WatermelonIf anyone with the intention to lose fat and yet like to eat as much as they like, the only option is to select foods with fewer calories or with a lower energy density.

What is lower energy density? Food with high water and fiber content has low energy density. Eating such food will help you feel full  while you reduce your calorie intake and lose weight.

One low energy density food is fruit. However, only fresh fruits. Canned fruit usually came loaded with sweet and  heavy syrup, and that means high sugar content. Dried fruit, though a healthy choice,  has four times the energy density of fresh fruit. This is because they don’t have much water left in them.  Fresh and whole fruit has the least amount of calories and the highest amount of fullness and satisfaction.

Some fruits for your consideration are grapefruit, melons (watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew), berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), papaya and peach.

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Good Health Habit – Mastication

That is a real mouthful of a word, mastication. When you think about getting healthy, we often discuss the different foods and mixture of the various food groups. But you know, this one simple thing can go a long way towards encouraging good health.

Mastication, according to the Mirriam-Webster is a transitive verb –
1 : to grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth

If you chew each mouthful of food thoroughly before swallowing, it not only aids digestion, but also helps you to enjoy the full flavour of what you are eating. Digestion begins in the mouth, with many sugars already being processed.

Another benefit is that it reduces the strain on the stomach and the intestines. So, to put it delicately, mastication makes abulations easier. Smile. That is good news.

So, remember. When next you eat – masticate.

Drink Water With or Without Meals?

Glass of WaterDrink water BEFORE and AFTER your meals, not during.

Drinking in advance fill you up and stop you from eating more than your body should.

In addition, by not drinking while dining will give you a chance to breathe correctly, which helps in digestion.

Have water 30 minutes before you eat and separate your meals from any liquid in-take by at least 10 – ideally 30 – minutes.

Is Diet Soft Drink Healthier?

Well, not according to the study conducted by the University of Cincinnati Biology Department:

The amount of sugar found in

Diet 7-up … 0.16 tsp

Diet Pepsi … 1.96 tsp

Coke Classic … 9.15 tsp

Pepsi … 9 tsp

Mountain Dew … 10.47 tsp

Dr Pepper … 19.17 tsp

Diet Coke … 3.37 tsp

A&W Root Beer … 110.25 tsp

According to the National Soft Drink Association o USA, the average 12 ounce non-diet, carbonated soft drink is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. That amount of sugar can immobilize the immune system by about 33%. About 30 teaspoon can shut down the immune system for the whole day.

What happens when you drink too much water?

Glass of WaterWhen you drink too much water, you will get abnormally low blood sodium level. You can get very sick.

Do not over drink when you do intensive exercises. During such intensity, the kidneys cannot excrete excess water. As people keep drinking, the extra water moves into their cells, including brain cells. The engorged brain cells with no room to expand will press against the skull. This can compress the brain stem, which control vital functions such as breathing. Worse case scenario when this happens is dealth.

You can balance your water intake with sodium. Take 1/4 teaspoon of salt per quart of water (that is every 4-5 glasses of water. The best salt is NOT table salt but Celtic or Himalayan seat salt which are available at health food stores.

How much water do you need to drink?

Glass of WaterEach day you should drink half of your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 200 pounds, you will have to drink 100 ounces of water a day. BTW, 1 ounce = 0.625 pints or 0.0313 quarts or 0.0296 litres or 0.00296 ml.

Ideally, you are to sip water at an interval of 15-20 minutes . Drink water in the morning, even before you get out of the bed because that’s when you are at your most toxic and dehydrated stage.

Also, drink before eating as it will support your digestive process and make you a little fuller so that you don’t over eat.

MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life!

MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 1!
MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 2!

It is not only the emotion that creates the cardiovascular changes, but this study suggests that also the opposite might be possible, that cardiovascular changes may be the substrate for emotions, likely in a bi-directional way,” Dr Luciano Bernardi, lead researcher of the study and professor of Internal Medicine at Pavia University in Pavia, Italy.

So how do all these different forms of Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life! particles show up in reality?

Let’s start with a story you might have come across :

A farmer in a Japanese farming island found a group of monkeys playing with a tuber they had picked up from amongst those the farmers had just dug up. The monkeys happen to enter a running stream of water with it wherein all the mud covering the tuber got washed way. They instinctively bit at the strange looking lump and … liked it! Yippie-hoo! A new source of food was discovered & soon, to the detriment of the farmers, they started digging out tubers whenever hungry.

But what amazed everyone was that soon the monkeys in the neighbouring islands also started doing the same! Well, the secondary groups of monkeys were merely benefitting from a newly born MicroVita construct because:
1. Animals belonging to the same sub-species share a “common group mind”.
2. An idea is the beginning stage of a microvita (in our sphere of concern) & has an independent life of it’s own. It can grow, multiply & die.

microvita underlie all our habits & patterns. No wonder old habits die hard – all life is self-protective, including the “life-force quanta” that make & keep behaviour patterns together. But just like poison kills poison, microvita based tricks & techniques provide the best leverage to most easily conquer & replace old ways of being with new ones … And you ‘ll be surprised, the story starts with … Your Nutrition. For example foods foods rich with ‘static’ types of microvita will lead only assuredly to laziness & procrastination.

It can get worse… a recent medical study correlates clean mouth with good memory! How? Dead matter will always invite ‘scavenger’ microvita; And after proliferating in one’s mouth, where will they go next? … in their immediate neighbourhood! wouldn’t they? People have been collecting & depositing junk everywhere from head to toe – one nasty microvita infection is all it takes!

Besides managing the physical microvita, a well-crafted diet will help with mental & & emotional hygiene as well because what makes our food, also makes our mind & emotions.

Depression, binging etc won’t go away easily even with all the usual counseling & & regardless of the pills, if you don’t have your dietary microvita right.

Case in hand : Do you recall the 2 most powerful words, or rather feelings, that produced the most beautiful crystalline structures in Mr. Emoto’s research ?

Love + gratitude.

Hence thou shalt not eat if angry or sad. And hence the logic behind invoking divinity before every meal we take.

It has been statistically established that majority of the cancers have a psychological angle as well. So instead of focussing on the mis-directed ‘intelligence’ of the tumour, why not appreciate & restore the intelligence of the rest of our existence 1st?

A protein called gas6 can destroy and consume your body’s own cells when they are no longer needed. Where does it get it’s discrimination from?

Think about the intelligence that comes ‘magically’ into play when, say there is a skin-cut causing bleeding. How quickly fibrin & blood clot gets formed?

What about the intelligence behind a lymphocytes identifying the antigens of invading microbes. T cells touch to communicate with one another during an immune response. They are busy collecting & interpreting information before taking some intelligent action upon it.

The Bible says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood… “-Lev 17:11TLB; Isn’t it time we learn to take good care of those nascent particles of life?

Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life!

Cow’s Milk is not for Human? (Part 10/10 – Myths About Milk)

Myth: Cow’s milk is not for Human.

Truth: Humans can eat plant and animal products so milk is OK. We are born with the lactase enzyme in our guts. This enzyme helps digest the lactose in the milk. If people stops drinking milk, their bodies may stop the production of lactose enzyme. What this means is people will become lactose intolerant.