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Hair Care – Treat Grey Hair Naturally

Some call it salt and pepper but I prefer my hair not to have streaks of white and grey anytime.

Again, this is a hair care treatment that you can make out of your kitchen. Take 100 gms of curd. Add about 1 gm of black pepper to it. Mix it well and apply it evenly on the hair and scalp. Keep it for 60 min and then wash with warm water and mild shampoo. You may do this once a week and witness the remarkable difference.

For more expert advice on greying hair, read
Grey Hair No More by Alexander Miller

Art and Culture: Good Health may be found at the Museum

If you thought visiting art museums and attending cultural activities is highly boring and a sheer waste of time, then you seriously need to think again. Rather, think about the times of the earliest hunter/gatherers, the early man and what he did in his free time? Yes, maybe in his leisure time, he went to work on his logs, inventing tools or building fires or simply hunting. But have you ever wondered what really occupied his free time? The earliest artists were the hundred thousand-year-old Neanderthals, painting the walls of their deep dark caves. So, don’t we need to rethink? Are the human beings progressing as a species or simply metamorphosing into machines? Has this got to do something with the ever shortening leisure time at our hand?

In these times, for most people, caught up with their mundanely stressful lives, leisure time, do not include stuff like developing a sense of appreciation for things like fine arts. Work related problems and tensions make you mechanical enough to ignore the creative and aesthetic aspects which the humankind possesses. However, in such a rat race, it is increasingly becoming important to slow down and enjoy good and beautiful things around you.

Let’s live it: A recent research study seems to support the above mentioned statement quite well. The study points out that men and women who engaged in artistic-cultural activities on a regular basis were more likely to recognize with emotions such as happiness, contentment and healthfulness. The study also stated that a more developed taste in art is directly proportional to your personal healthy lifestyle.

Increased participation in cultural groups and social activities, can also dramatically lower your stress levels and instill you with a deep sense of well-being. A healthy sense of well being is highly necessary to function well as a normal, feeling-perceiving human. Naturally, this strongly prevailing sense of well being helps lower the levels of depression and anxiety.

Get creative: Creative tasks like joining crafts or baking/cookery classes and activity clubs like swimming, photography, music etc can give you the much needed break to introspect about various facets of life. Similarly, browsing through an art museum and gazing at numerous styles of paintings while absorbing their exquisiteness in detail can stimulate those cells in your brain which have been dulled over the time. Certainly, this helps to invigorate you internally and you begin to look at life in a positive perspective.

However, this cannot be restricted to artistic activities solely. Among women, the study reported, increased involvement in religious gatherings and events could be associated with life satisfaction. Religion apart, sports also held a positive impact on women, as most of them tended to be fitter and happier if they watched or participated in sports. Volunteering for social work and community help also can lead to believing in the goodness of yourself.

The aforementioned research study may bring out a very obvious truth about importance of leisure, but some aspects of the study partly require further analysis as the study has been done in context of people from Western nations and the same may not hold good for say people from the East or Oriental nations. So, more research is needed that will re-furnish the almost obvious truth.

Undeniable truth: The healing characteristics of involvement in both perceptive as well as participatory art and music are now being taken ahead and developed into full-fledged therapeutic science. These involve clinically approved methods aiming to heal neuro-generic as well as hypochondria-associated disorders. But these severe conditions are highly avoidable provided you learn to nurture your life with the wonderful zest for skills and talents.

Nevertheless, in order to pursue a normal and healthy lifestyle fulfilled with cherishable, pure and blissful happiness, it is important to retain the element of curiosity and adventure. After all, living life fruitfully is also an art and all you need to do is try and become a good Artist.

About the author:

Amanda Kidd is a blogger and writer. Being a health writer, she frequently writes for her health site. She herself follows a healthy lifestyle and makes people aware about healthy living with her write-up.Православни икони

Improve Your Health By Going Green

More and more people are going green to save the environment. What you may not realize, however, is that going green can also improve your own personal health. Not only that, but it can also save you a lot of money.

For example, consider how much money you spend on grocery shopping in an average month. Is it a lot? For some families, it can be hundreds of dollars. Then, consider the other problems that come with buying grocery store foods. For example:

• You waste money on gas to go shopping.
• You have to spend a lot of time shopping.
• Most foods bought in stores have been chemically treated.
• Most foods bought in stores are over-packaged and too much packaging creates more waste.

The Alternative:
You might think that you have to buy all of your food at the grocery store, but you really don’t. You do have an alternative. That is, you can buy food from local farms and vegetable stands. In fact, you could do better than that by simply growing your own home garden.

A home garden is an excellent resource, especially if you like to cook. Here are a few of the advantages to growing your own food:

• It’s Cheaper
• It’s Fresher
• It’s Readily Available
• It’s Pesticide Free (If You Grow It Organically)

Green Cooking Practices:
Once you have the food, you need to shift focus to how you are cooking it. For example, you might try using a toaster oven. You can find plenty of toaster oven reviews online and many of the top products, such as Breville toaster oven models, are designed with healthy cooking options, such as broiling and baking.

Using small appliances, such as a toaster oven, will save you a lot of time, energy and money. However, there are some things that only large appliances can do. So, if you must cook with a large oven, at least do so efficiently. Don’t preheat it unless you have to and cook several things at once to make the best use of the space and the heat in the oven.

Clean While Going Green:
Another area of your home life that you can make green is how you clean. That goes for both your body and your home. As far as your body is concerned, cut back on chemical-filled soaps, shampoos, makeups and perfumes. Instead, opt for all natural skin and hair care alternatives.

When it comes to cleaning your home, you also have natural options, such as:

• Lemon
• Vinegar
• Honey
• Soda (For Cleaning Clogged Drains)

In fact, you would be amazed at what natural products are capable of. Many can clean and disinfect your home. Some can even remove stubborn stains, which commercial cleaning products may be unable to get rid of. Plus, natural products are far cheaper and usually already on hand for other reasons.

Cut Back Your Carbon Footprint:
Finally, you need to cut back your carbon footprint. One way to do that is to get energy-efficient home appliances. Another way is to get an electric or hybrid car, which is much more eco-friendly than a standard car. Of course, it’s always better if you can get where you’re going under your own power, by either walking or riding a bicycle.

So, as you can see, going green is easy and inexpensive. Walking is great exercise, using less chemicals in the home is healthier for you and cooking in an eco-friendly way will save you money and taste a lot better. Clearly, there’s no reason not to improve your health by going green.

Author Bio:
Chris C is a huge fan of the go green movement. He is the publisher of . Both Chris and his website are devoted to helping consumers achieve healthy living through green habits and minor life changes.икони

Virtue of Slowing Down

It’s bang, slam, go, chop-chop and similar words that denote the fast-paced
frenzy of living in a high expectation society or city. City living is great
with all the virtuous conveniences it offers, so what more could one ask

Well, for me, it’s become draining. Almost as if fast-paced living has
sucked the life out of one’s soul and energy reserves. As if that were not
enough, the thought of all the pent-up frustrations we live with, with no
avenue of release, without anyone thinking you’ve just gone plain bonkers is
enough to drive one up the wall literally and figuratively.

Then comes the question of what such a stressful life does to our bodies. It
is almost as if our emotions become more fragile – we get angry more easily,
we lose our patience with the slightest things, or we plunge into depression
unconsciously, triggering more illnesses and diseases by simply the high
stress levels. I’ve been hearing of stories of cancer occurring in perfectly
healthy individuals with no history of the scary disease in their families.
Do we even realise what our fragile emotions are doing to our bodies? Do we
care enough to do something about it?

Scientific researches have been showing the connection between unhealthy
emotions such as fear and sickness. There are so many different diseases yet
science proves that more than 80% of today’s diseases are connected to
unhealthy emotions.

These emotions are called toxic emotions and create a chemical reaction
within the body that results in all types of sicknesses including multiple
sclerosis, lupus, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and
more. Emotions affect our physical health through the autonomic nervous
system, which controls everything that happens in our bodies except
voluntary movement and conscious thought. The autonomic nervous system has
two parts: the sympathetic division, which prepares us to escape from
threats (the ‘fight or flight’ response) and the para sympathetic division,
which controls things like breathing, circulation and digestion while we get
on with other things. In healthy people these two systems work in harmony.

One of the best ways I have found to help with overwhelming emotions or
nervousness running through the body is to simply slow down and take
ourselves out of the ‘rat-race’ and take our time to simply breathe deeply
(which we often forget to do when we’re all stressed up). Calm your mind and
body with relaxation methods, such as meditation or similar practices. These
are useful ways to bring your emotions into balance. For example, you may do
it by exercising, stretching or breathing deeply when slowing down our
bodies and bring it into a more ‘peaceful state’. For city dwellers, the
biggest challenge is usually making the time to do this. However, I know
that it’s worth the commitment to regularly slow down every few days and
take the time out. This ensures that our emotions are not accumulating in
the toxic manner and we remain healthy in both mind and body.

Is your NQ misdirecting your IQ & EQ?

Fulfilling your aspirations preordains a ruthless self-
of the ‘health’ foods infesting your life today:

That video picks apart some of the zeitgeist propositions, but don’t
watch it yet unless you are acquainted with the microvita concept 1st:

1. Microvita – The basic units of your body-mind!

2. How your microvita control you.

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Contact Lens or Glasses?

For many years, I have never liked the idea of wearing contact lens. You see, I felt that my eyes were very delicate precision instruments and poking a piece of plastic in there might not be the smartest thing to do.

So, glasses for me. But recently, when I started doing more sports, I found that glasses had their own problems. Not only breaking, when I sweat, they keep slipping off. Fasteners are uncomfortable and bands look really icky.

So, I decided to look at contact lens. After some research, I guess I am convinced that they are safe to use. Then of course, I needed to make sure I got good and cheap contact lens when I do go out and purchase contact lens.

I did find one, but if anyone has a nice source of good quality, cheap contact lens, please share.

By the way, contact lens are not a direct replacement for your glasses, you do need to see an optometrist to determine the optimal power for your lens.

Healthy Program Unwelcomed in NBC

While we nurture our body, we got to nurture a  healthy mindset as well.

Tony Robbins’ teaching may not be for everyone, however, we have to acknowledge that he has motivated and inspired many people to see themselves bigger than their problems. He has moved many to transform from a disaster to a master.

Yet, after two episodes, NBC is feeling motivated to yank Tony Robbins’ reality show from its summer schedule. Effective next week, NBC will air repeats of game show “Minute to Win It” in the Tuesday-night slot instead of “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.”

Tony Robbins wants to help real people solve tough challenges yet audiences didn’t show up; the most recent episode generating only 2.8 million viewers..

NBC will not run the show when there is no one watching the advertisements.

Most people don’t like healthy food, so they don’t go for more “healthy” TV either?

So sad.

Eran Katz’s Super Memory Power

EranKatz, the Guinness Book of Record Holder for Best Memory said we might not remember everything, however, we can remember everything we chose to remember.

People forgets – not because they are getting old and senile – it is more likely that they did not use, and train, their brains enough to retain all the information.

Eran Katz got himself into the Israeli Guinness Book of Record because he could recite a string of 500 numbers from front to back and then back to front!

Until today, this memory stunt record has not been beaten. We might not be able to see how he did that 500-number stunt, however, you can check out his memory stunt demonstration at the Brain Education Conference at the United Nations.

If you like to strengthen your brain power and pick up a few useful memory techniques to improve the quality of your life – from healthier and happier relationship with folks around you to remembering procedures and processes, faces and names to improve work life and possibly your salary – check out his coming seminars in Singapore.  The Super Memory Power Seminar and The Nobel Prize Brain Workshop will be great for you while the The Super Student Success Seminar will be better for your young ones. Go  enjoy your summer holiday in Singapore and learn something that helps you get healthier, happier and possibly richer seems like a good deal.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 7

Headaches are indiscriminate. They can happen to anyone. However women are known to be more prone to migraine headaches in relative to men. It is commonly known that women who are during their menstrual cycle are 3 times more prone to migraine than men. The decrease in oestrogen decreases serotonin which in turn dilates the blood vessels, causing an increase in the prevalence of migraines.

The most effective way in balancing hormones is to ensure adequate sleep. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep with no significant change to your sleep patterns, and keep your stress levels under control. When we are asleep, our body is actually experiencing huge hormonal activities. Thus any disruption to these significant hormonal activities will attribute to a greater cause for headaches.

If your body is undergoing great hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation or menopause, it is also advisable to be mindful of your diet. Be sure to eat fewer processed foods, especially processed meats. Do avoid MSG and food additives too. Processed food and food additives will cause a surge in hormonal activities such as insulin spikes. Proper hydration is also very important in balancing your hormones as hormones are chemicals that operate via your intercellular or body fluids. Thus carbonated drinks and caffeinated drinks are not encouraged as they are diuretic. Diuretic drinks will cause you to urinate more often thus causing you to be dehydrated.

Birth control pills can also help in maintaining hormonal balance. For some women, birth control pills can be triggers for migraines. However for most women who suffer from migraines or have PMS induced migraines; the birth control pills can actually help. But usage of such pills should be taken with discretion as they do actually alter the body’s natural hormonal chemistry.

The weather also plays a part in headaches. People who have sinus infections are more prone to weather-induced headaches. As sinuses are located at the forehead, infected sinuses will result in pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. Such pressure will lead to headaches. When you do have sinus headaches you must ensure proper ventilation of the area that you are in. In addition, stay clear from dust, smog, dirty air and smoke.

Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 3

Previously we talked about the right postures for sitting and standing/walking. Today we are going to share with you the right postures for exercising and sleeping.


I personally believe that Singaporeans are lacking exercise. More and more people are becoming more unfit and obese. In fact it was reported that the government decided to extend the Basic Military Training duration for obese recruits because the government felt that the recruits need more time shed weight whilst learning their syllabus in order to become better soldiers. This should not come by as a surprise as a sedentary lifestyle with fast food as the common and popular choice of food becomes that of a typical Singaporean lifestyle.

At this point of time, you may be thinking what does regular exercise got to do with headaches? Regular exercise affects us physiologically in 3 aspects:

1. It improves our fitness.

2. It improves our blood circulation.

3. It soothes and relaxes the body. Better fitness will help us to improve our health. A healthier body minimizes the impact and frequency of headaches. The same goes for blood circulation. Most of the time when we have cramps, aches and strains, the affected parts will have poor blood circulation. If you take a look at most of the professional athletes, you will realise that they have great body posture. This is so because when you work out often, you will have had work out your muscles and joints. It is known that muscles grow when they are relaxing, provided that the muscles have worked out before the relaxation. When your body becomes stronger, the normal postures and physical activities will put on lesser stress on the joints and the pain sensitive areas, thus minimizing headaches.


Most people when they turn in for the night, their heads are down and shoulders are forward; they kind of tuck themselves up and in. When you sleep like this, you’re stretching your back out and bringing your chest, arms and neck in. As a result, you’re causing these muscles to tighten up overnight. You want to relax your muscles when you sleep and the only way to go about doing it is to sleep on your back.

Sleeping on your back represents a neutral posture; it represents a very straight posture that ensures that your body stays in alignment. If you can keep your body in alignment, it won’t stretch or tighten up while you sleep. A lot of people wake up with stiff necks, with their chests kind of tight and sore. Maybe their backs ache a little bit. When they sleep all curl up, it causes their neck, back and shoulder muscles to stretch and tighten up.

Do you always toss and turn while sleeping? If you actually do, it is because that your muscles are tightening up when you are asleep. This will cause you to be tired and fatigued even though you may have sufficient hours of sleep. Thus you have to sleep on your back so that those muscles do not get stretched out. The key towards sleeping well on your back is to support your neck. This means that your pillow should be supporting your neck, not too high that it stretches and not too low that it strains the neck.

The previous post as well as this post has covered on improving body postures from the 4 routine activities that we do daily. The next article will focus on the different types of headaches. See you soon!

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Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 2

In the previous Post, we discussed about some of the common causes of headaches. Some of the common causes of headaches include having improper postures while sitting, standing/walking, exercising and sleeping.

The main problem about improper postures is that they cause our body to improperly contract the wrong muscles and joints, thus causing undue stress and strain on our joints and muscles in the long run.

Don’t worry, years of mistakes can be corrected once you have got the postures right.


The importance of sitting has never been that underscored till recently. With many adults spending long hours at their office chair or at their comfy couch at home, sitting with the right posture is of absolute importance. The following are some important points to take note while sitting:

  1. Your head should be above your shoulders. Don’t slouch forward. Slouching causes uneven pressure between your vertebrae and eventually neck and/or lower back problems.
  2. Relax your shoulders. Frequent tensing of your shoulders will easily slouch your body forward.
  3. The top your monitor’s screen should be about even or a slightly lower than eye level. The monitor should be directly in front of you, not to the side. Additionally, position the monitor so there is no glare on the screen. If this isn’t possible, you may need a glare screen. Glare not only causes eye strain but may make you sit abnormally in order to see the screen clearly.
  4. Your hands should be kept in-line with your forearms. Bending your wrist up/down or to either side causes the tendons running through your wrists to rub against their protective sheaths more than necessary and become damaged.
  5. The back of your chair should not only support your back but help maintain the natural hollow in your lower back. Many chairs have a built-in lumbar support for this reason. The back should be adjustable up and down and back and forward. Ideally, the back should be able to be adjusted while you are seated.

Having mentioned these points, I have to emphasize that changing your sitting position every 10 minutes will help in encouraging blood flow. Better blood circulation helps in reducing strain to the back, the neck as well as the joints.


Many people have the bad habits of slouching and hunching. These bad habits not only cause us to look bad and lowers our confidence, they also causes our body to adopt an improper posture.
Do you know that when you are about to run, you are actually slouching forward? Slouching forward makes us more streamline which enables us to move faster. As our pace of life becomes faster than ever, we also tend to hurry and rush to places. As we hurry and rush, we are actually unconsciously adopting the running position as well. Therefore we have to be mindful of how we walk and stand.

The following are some points that help in improving standing or walking posture:

  1. Relax your shoulders and let your eyes look straight. When you look straight, you are actually easing yourself of distracting thoughts and thus relaxing. This relaxation helps you to relax your muscles which may be involuntarily tensing you up and making you rush unconsciously.
  2. Let your hips lead your body when you are walking. You will realise that you will be walking with more poise, impact and importantly, properly.
  3. When standing, make sure your shoulders and hips are level, parallel to the ground. The head should be right between the shoulders.
  4. The arms need to hang in a comfortable position, sort of relaxed, with the first finger and thumb pointing forward. The knees should basically point straight forward while the feet will normally have a slight turn out-wards.

You may find unnatural and uncomfortable while trying to adopt the right postures while sitting and standing/walking. Please let me assure you that this is perfectly normal! After all, you have been adopting the wrong postures for years; it is definitely not going to be easy achieving the right postures instantly.

As the following saying goes ‘a journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step’, so long as you are consciously attempting the right postures, sooner or later you will not even realise that unconsciously, you are already adapted to the right postures.
Stay tune to the next article where we will share with you on the right postures for exercising and sleeping

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Manage Your Headache Painlessly – Part 1

The moment you shut your heavy eyes, you drift to another world. This world that you are in is the world that you have always dreamt about. It is the sweetest dream that you ever had. You had a long uninterrupted sleep. You woke up 8 hours later, welcoming yourself for a memorably fantastic day ahead. However just when you are about to get off your bed, your head felt a throbbing pain.

Have you had such an experience before? Having an anti-climax first thing in the early morning sure is upsetting.

A headache is a complete waste of a good day. Most people’s response towards headaches is to reach out to painkillers. However painkiller hardly solves the problem. In fact it exacerbates the problem in 3 different manners.

1. It merely eases the pain temporarily.
2. When the headache recurs, most people will be at a lost and they probably resort to taking more painkiller.
3. Due to a regular intake of painkiller, addiction and tolerance problems will surface inevitably in the long run.

Studies have shown that 75% of the people who take painkillers due to chronic pain and that 80% of the chronic pain cases are due to the result of headaches.

The reason why headache is a major cause of concern is because people do not really understand what is headache really all about. The causes of headaches can be classified under 2 categories. The first category is the physiology, whereby proper body postures, regular exercise as well as balance of our hormones play a major role in minimizing headaches. The second category is the environment and substances which play a part in increasing the trigger probability of headaches.

Contrary to popular myth, headaches are not caused by abnormal blood flow to the brain. The brain itself does not have nociceptors or pain receptors. However several areas of the head as well as the neck do have nociceptors.

Most of the headache problems are due to poor head and neck postures over the years. Thus it is very important that we have to be mindful of our body postures. As our body is like a machine, slight misplacement of a cog in a gear will result in our body malfunctioning.

In view of that how we position ourselves while we partake in the following activities:

1. Sitting
2. Standing/walking
3. Exercising
4. Sleeping

In the next article, we will explore how these 4 simple activities can have a drastic impact on heads literally.

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