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Energy Drink Raises Blood Pressure & Heart Rates

Study shows that energy drink raises blood pressure and heart rate and may post a problem for those with heart problems.

Dr James Kalus and his team of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit found that healthy adults that drink 2 cans of energy drinks will have an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. While this is insignificant for healthy adults, it will be hazardous for those with¬† heart problems. That’s because energy drinks contain caffeine, taurine, sugars, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements.

The researcher also said consumption of energy drinks should not be confused with sport dirnks, which aim to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes that a body needs.

Source: Mind Your Body by The Straits Time, 9 April 2009

Lack of Sleep Can Mean Heart Problems

It is now proven that lack of sleep can lead to heart diseases.

According to the December issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, people who get 5 -7 hours of sleep nightly are almost twice as likely to develop early signs of blood vessel damage as those who get more rest. The research is led by Diane Lauderdale, an epodemiologist at the University of Chicago. The study involved 495 people aged 35 – 47 who did not have existing heart damage to see whether a lack of sleep might be a contributing factor to heart diseases.

The largest group of subjects received 5-7 hours of sleep a night. Over the 5 years of study, about 11% developed calcified arteries. With less than 5 hours of nightly sleep, the danger rose starkly with 27% developing blood vessel calcification during the study. In contrast, only 6% of those who received more than 7 hours of sleep showed signs of heart damage at the end of the study.

Earlier studies had shown that lack of sleep may contribute to obesity and diabetes.

Heart disease often occurs only after years of damage to the blood vessels that surround and support the cardiac muscle. A key step in the damage occurs when deposits of calcium build up on blood vessel wall, setting the stage for the growth of plaque laden with fat, clotted blood and immune cells.

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Even Slightly Overweight Can Cause Heart Failure

We know obesity can cause people to have heart problems.

However, the latest finding who tracked the health of 21,094 male doctors for 2 decades confirmed that even those who were only modestly overweight had a higher risk.

In men who are 1.8m tall, for every 3.2 kg of excess body weight, their risk of heart failure rose on average by 11% over the next 2 years. This is reported in the journal, Circulation, by Reuters.

The average age of the men at the outset of the Physicians’ Health Studies was 53. During the study, 1109 of them developed heart failure.

Overall the risk of heart failure increased by 180% in men who met the definition of obesity according to their body mass index (BMI of 30 and higher) and by 49 % in men who met the definition of overweight (a BMI of 25-30)

So if you are even slightly over weight, you might want to change your diet and maintain a optimal weight. Eating more meals with smaller portions will help.  If you are grossly over weight, change diet, exercise and if necessary get professional help.

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