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Join us and be rewarded

Welcome, Jerry!

We are pleased to welcome yet another writer to enhance our sharing over at Nurture Your Own. Jerry maintains his own site that talks about Africa Safari. Really cool. He has joined us to share his knowledge and experience on living a healthy lifestyle the good old-fashioned African Way.

We are certainly excited to learn more about this and we hope that all of you will enjoy reading Jerry’s contributions as much as I am sure I would.

Welcome aboard, Jerry!

Exciting Page Views!

We started Nurture Your Own with a few of us writing about our interests in healthy living and growing sprouts. Then we invited writers to join us. We were happy to get a few good posts going. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

High Page Views

Then I realised that this was due to just two excellent articles! One was Facts of Strokes and the Warning Signs by our new writer Bokjae and the other was 6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs by Vivienne. For those who wonder if this is for real, click on the image above to see the full page including the url address bar.

Well, this came at the same time as we found out that we were graciously ranked #7 over at Check Up Today’s Top 20 Blogs. Christmas sure came early this year!

We are not some web business gurus. We are just sprouting and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. We are really happy to have to many views, that’s all. Just to share our joy and crow a little. Then we shall go back to writing nice posts about healthy foods, care for stroke and other good stuff.