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Eran Katz’s Super Memory Power

EranKatz, the Guinness Book of Record Holder for Best Memory said we might not remember everything, however, we can remember everything we chose to remember.

People forgets – not because they are getting old and senile – it is more likely that they did not use, and train, their brains enough to retain all the information.

Eran Katz got himself into the Israeli Guinness Book of Record because he could recite a string of 500 numbers from front to back and then back to front!

Until today, this memory stunt record has not been beaten. We might not be able to see how he did that 500-number stunt, however, you can check out his memory stunt demonstration at the Brain Education Conference at the United Nations.

If you like to strengthen your brain power and pick up a few useful memory techniques to improve the quality of your life – from healthier and happier relationship with folks around you to remembering procedures and processes, faces and names to improve work life and possibly your salary – check out his coming seminars in Singapore.  The Super Memory Power Seminar and The Nobel Prize Brain Workshop will be great for you while the The Super Student Success Seminar will be better for your young ones. Go  enjoy your summer holiday in Singapore and learn something that helps you get healthier, happier and possibly richer seems like a good deal.

Introduction to LOHAS

For those who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, you would most likely have heard of LOHAS. For the others, LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. 

What this means is that LOHAS represents a group (a very large group) of people who are concerned about and are focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

There are lots of information on the Internet about this already and a simple search for “lohas” should yield you lots of results.

At Nurture Your Own, we are not LOHAS fanatic, but we are in agreement with the ideals of LOHAS. Growing and eating your own sprouts, healthy living, focus on alternative healing and more; these are topics that we have been dealing with here. With LOHAS, an expanded dimension is added and we hope that as we share more, you will add your views and comments so that we will all be part of a big learning community.

If you want to Write about LOHAS, do let us know.

31 May 2008 is “World No Tobacco Day”

Each year on May 31, the World Health Organization celebrates “World No Tobacco Day,” a day that WHO uses to highlight the risks of smoking and to advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. This year, the theme is TOBACCO-FREE YOUTH.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Young people are aggressively targeted by the tobacco industry which spends billions of dollars each year marketing its products.” To protect the world’s youth from experimenting with tobacco and becoming regular users, this year’s campaign calls for a ban on all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.”

Even if you are a smoker, stub it out just for 31 May 2008. After all, I’m sure you know all the harmful effects of tars and nicotine. Anyway, stopping one day won’t kill you, in fact it will help you to lower these risks in 24 hours.

  • Risk of a heart attack reduces
  • The lungs start to be cleared of mucous and toxins

If you want to know more about benefit of quit smoking, click here as this article listed the goodness from 20 minutes to 5 years.

Additional Read: Hypnosis To Change Your Life by Steve G Jones. launches new member services – ask STD Counselor

Toronto, Ontario (January 20, 2008)

POSITIVESINGLES.COM adds new feature: “Ask STD counselor” – adding more support for its members than just dating services.

Finding your match when you are suffering from an STD can be easier than you think. Starting from January 15, 2008, members at can ask a STD counselor questions as well as continuing to enjoy updated information about all STDs, various STD forums, uploading pictures, sending e-mails or winks to other members and you can have a limited free membership.

Thousands of people get STDs and don’t realize it. Having an STD could lead to confusion, resentment, anger, and isolating of yourself. One might even be filled with many questions.

According to the CDC, there are over 65 million Continue reading

Welcome, Betty Vong

Our team has expanded! Let’s welcome our latest member, Betty Vong.

Betty confessed that she had been leading an unhealthy lifestyle about 3 years ago. Her health was poor and she didn’t like the look of herself. Today, she is fit and healthy and is a fully certified personal trainer as well as a sports massage therapist! Some of the award-winning sportsmen and sportswomen from Singapore have gone under her care. Quite a big change!

We are certain we shall gain from Betty’s knowledge and experience.

Welcome Diane!

Our team of contributors have expanded yet again!

Diane is a practitioner of various forms of energy psychology, and has her own web site at that talks about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She has an interest in all aspects of health and healing, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

In today’s high stress world, we are sure that Diane’s contributions will help us all to enjoy a stress free and healthy lifestyle!

NurtureYourOwn has a PR2 ranking !

NurtureYourOwn has grown steadily over the past few months, since it was conceptualized on 22 June 2007. Still, the recent development has been very encouraging. We were

1. included in the Top 20 Blogs of Checkup Today
2. listed in Matt Wolfe’s “to read” blog
3. enjoying 2000 hits every day after mid September 2007
4. attracting new writers like Bokjae and Victor Connor who write exclusively on stroke and stop smoking respectively

And this week, we are pleasantly surprise to discover NurtureYourOwn enjoys

  1. an Alexa ranking of 399,865 and
  2. a Google Page Rank 2

We like to say a big “thank you” to our readers and our NutureYourOwn writers. It wouldn’t be possible without your support.

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Matt Wolfe said this Blog is Great!

Matt Wolfe wrote in his How I Will Be Rich blog that

I’ve decided to compile a list of blogs that I like. This is a list of sites that if read and followed may make you wealthier, healthier and happier.

We are very honored that our Nurture Your Life blog is within his reading recommendation list.

Matt include our blog at his “Healthy” catagory:

Nurture Your Life – Another great site with tips on healthy living

Recently, we also celebrated these successes … …

More than 8000 visits to our post 6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs

Included in Checkup Today’s Top 20 Blog

We would not have achieved all these without the support of our writers and reader.

Exciting Page Views!

We started Nurture Your Own with a few of us writing about our interests in healthy living and growing sprouts. Then we invited writers to join us. We were happy to get a few good posts going. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

High Page Views

Then I realised that this was due to just two excellent articles! One was Facts of Strokes and the Warning Signs by our new writer Bokjae and the other was 6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs by Vivienne. For those who wonder if this is for real, click on the image above to see the full page including the url address bar.

Well, this came at the same time as we found out that we were graciously ranked #7 over at Check Up Today’s Top 20 Blogs. Christmas sure came early this year!

We are not some web business gurus. We are just sprouting and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. We are really happy to have to many views, that’s all. Just to share our joy and crow a little. Then we shall go back to writing nice posts about healthy foods, care for stroke and other good stuff.

We are Number 7 at Checkup Today’s Top 20 Blogs

We first conceptualized a “green” blog because we believe in the importance of healthy eating and healthy living. We have been talking quite a lot about sprouting because we have on board a real live sprout enthusiast – Taarak had been sharing with us quite a lot about sprouts. And from him, we learned of the importance of enzymes in sprouts. That spurred us to find out more on the benefits of eating “living food”, that is consuming food and juice raw or minimal cooking with heat.

We shared what we know from our own experience or information gathered by others. We believe everyone should know how healthy eating and healthy living can make a big difference to their lives, and to their loved ones. We are deeply honored when Checkup Today recognized our efforts by listing us at number 7 of it’s Top 20 Blogs. I’m sure this will encourage all the writers here to write even more conscientiously.

With Bokjae as our newest writer, we believe we have even more to offer our readers. We like to invite people who believe in healthy eating and healthy living to join us as a writer so that we can spread the healthy message faster and wider.

Welcome Bokjae

Bokjae & RockWe are pleased to welcome Bokjae as our newest writer! Bokjae has his own web site at “Listening … Learning … Living”.

Bokjae is a happy retiree and a dedicated full-time home care-giver to his wife, Rock, a stroke survivor. Bokjae was a graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, working as Project Manager; and was in Senior Management (Executive Director) with a local Telecommunications Company in Malaysia for 22 years till retirement. Upon retirement, he devoted his time to social/community work at old folks homes, drug rehab centres and orphanages. 9 months ago, he added blogging to his daily routine. Bokjae is an avid writer who shares his views honestly with a wonderful sense of humor.

He has uses his blog as a personal space to share life experiences with the ultimate goal of encouraging other caregivers, strokees and family members. Now he has joined NurtureYourOwn’s pool of writers to contribute articles especially on stroke, stroke-rehab, care-giving and some health tips, tools and utensils, equipment etc all pertaining to stroke!

In Bokjae’s own words, “I’ll do my level best so as to spread the word around about stroke prevention!” I’m sure we will benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Welcome Celia Westberry!

Celia WestberryWe are pleased to welcome Celia as our newest writer! Celia has her own web site “Eat Yourself Younger” and has a Masters in Cell Biology.  But that is not the reason we are happy to have her here. The real reason is because Celia loves good food, just like we do! Look out for Celia’s articles on how food can enhance your wellness, your health and your youthfulness!