5 Initial Steps to Heal Eczema

I wish I had read this article by writer cum health reporter, Janet Simpson, many years ago when I first discovered the skin rashes on my legs was eczema. I probably would have freed myself from the excruciating itch and pain. She said these are the first few steps a sufferer should take to make life easier:

1. Stopped eating all dairy products. Some people will find their skin itch even more after taking cheese, milk, yoghurt and cream products.

2. Eat at least one meal that consisted of 65% raw foods. Basically a huge salad that contained bean sprouts, pumpkins seeds, vegetables, salads and a healthy salad dressing. After a short you should feel and see the difference in your skin.

3. Drink at least two large raw vegetable juices every day. This could be organic spinach, carrots, celery, ginger and cucumber. The objective is to cleanse and rejuvenate your body on a regular basis.

4 . Eat a lot more bean sprouts as they contain skin healthy, vital enzymes. They are easy to germinate or you can buy them from any good health store. (Click the link to find out a list of sprouts)

5. Eat healthy fats like Avocados and Flax Seeds amongst other. (Click the link to find out more on healthy fats)

These 2 experts shared their views on eczema. Evelyn Lim even compile an eczema diet book which you might want to refer on top of what Janet Simpson has recommended here.

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