Homemade Eczema Treatment (3) – Crisco

I have cited oatmeal and ice therapy as 2 homemade eczema remedies but I did not realize the crisco we use for baking is effective too.

It sounded so weird but Crisco did work for Debbie Russell from Somerset, Kentucky. She said

“My daughter had eczema to the point of breaking out in welts all over her body. We tried everything until someone told me to use Crisco on her. I completely covered her in Crisco 2-3 times a day. She was white and greasy but the Crisco absorbs quickly. The eczema is gone.”

So for those of you who are gung-ho to use alternative and holistic treatment, well, you can jolly well add Crisco as part of your repertoire of homemade eczema remedies. Well, you might already have it in your kitchen.

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