Poor Chewing Can Cause Eczema?

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Well, I learned something new. There’s a connection between chewing and eczema! If an eczema sufferer like me who read extensively on the subject is still ignorance on this, there must be thousands out there who are ignorant. So now, I’m sharing what I’ve read.

Is it possible that you have eczema because of poor or insufficient nutrient in your system? Definitely. What we eat, drink and breath will affect our health so there is always such a possibility. However, whether you are eating right or wrong is not the only concern. The other question you need to ask is whether you are chewing your food sufficiently. According to nutritionists, you got to chew your food properly before you swallow. So if you are one of those stressed ones who chomped the food on the go, chances are you don’t chew long enough and thereby losing vital nutrients is very high.

The digestion of all food (especially carbohydrates) starts from our mouth. That’s because of an enzyme called ptyalin found in our saliva. Ptyalin starts the complex process of digestion. When you chew your foods properly, the ptyalin has more opportunities to break down any tough outer layers of your food. Only when that is broken down will nutrients be absorbed by your system.

According to health reporter, Janet Simpson:

If your food is not chewed sufficiently and is swallowed too quickly the pancreatic enzymes in your stomach have a hard time continuing the digestion process. Undigested food particles will then moves to the large intestines where it sits and ferments.

Fermentation produces gas and bloating. Fermentation also results in additional waste and toxins. If you do not chew your foods sufficiently it can lead to your feeling heavy, uncomfortable, sluggish, irritable and moody.

Chew every mouthful of food between 35 and 40 times this will ensure proper digestion.

Other benefits you will receive from chewing your food thoroughly include the following:

Tip #1: Thoroughly chewing your food will create an alkaline condition in your system. When you achieve an alkaline state as opposed to an acidic one your body is healthy and will fight off eczema and allergies more readily.

Tip #2: Thoroughly chewing your food will stimulate the release of parotin hormones, which have the ability to protect and strengthen your immune system. Strong immunity will fight off diseases and illness.

Tip #3: Thoroughly chewing your food will result in your eating a lot less food. When you eat slowly and in a relaxed state a signal is sent to your brain earlier than usual telling it that your appetite has been satisfied and you should stop eating.

Tip #4: Thoroughly chewing your food will dramatically improve digestion. Whenever you take the time to chew your food the right balance of water, enzymes and other secretions are present which helps create stools that are easy to pass through your body.

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