What Eczema Tests are conducted by Dermatologists

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Your skin is itchy and angry red bumps start appearing and then multiplying at chest, thighs, joins and other part of the body. Is this eczema or some other skin diseases?

Dermatologist will use several tests to determine whether you have eczema or some other skin problem. First, the good doctor will ask you to show him/her those parts of your body that are red, itchy, swollen and dry because he will check on the signs and symptoms to eliminate other possibilities.

After he checked those out, he will also want to take a detailed history of your life to help him with his diagnosis. For example, you will be queried on your lifestyle, diet, allergies prescription medications, , and whether you come into constant contact with chemicals or other hazardous materials. He/She would ask you how your skin condition looks like when the rashes start appearing.

The reason is he/she needs to come to a conclusion if it is an allergen or irritant that caused your eczema symptoms. He/She might ask you to undergo a blood test. Your blood will be mixed with a variety of allergens separately to determine whether you have an allergic reaction to them. A high number of antibodies means that you have an allergy to that specific allergen. Your dermatologist may ask you for a skin patch test. This test is ordered when he/she suspects a specific irritant or allergen to your eczema symptoms. For this test, the doctor will press some suspected irritant onto your skin and hold it there with an adhesive patch. After which he/she places an adhesive patch without an irritant near the same area for him/her to make a comparison. These patches are left in tact from one to two days and then removed at the skin specialist’s office. If the skin where the irritant was is inflamed, red, and/or itchy, then you probably have an allergy to it.

Those who have eczema even for a short time will do anything to eradicate the excruciating itch. Some will not stop at taking steroids and steroid creams, they will try alternative treatments almost immediately. For those who want to read more, check out Eczema Free Forever by Rachel Anderson.

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