Eczema Trigger – Alcohol

24250908 - booze glassTo those who suffer from eczema, you know your skin is characterized by red itchy rash, dry scaly patches, and/or weeping blisters. These are reactions to environmental triggers (for examples, stress, irritants in the environments like fragrant, dusts etc( as well as our diets.

To eliminate eczema, one needs to eliminate the triggers that cause it.

One such trigger could be alcohol. To find out, stop drinking liquor for at least 1 -2 months. If you cannot do without your drinks, you may reduce your alcohol intake and increase your water intake. As the good doctor always says, at least 8 glasses of water every day. Usually, we don’t drink enough water to flush the toxins out. And, beverages and soda drinks are not considered water. Because such drinks do little in detoxification, in fact, they add more impurities into our systems. If your symptoms improve without liquor, than go ahead to  continue the practice.

Alcohol is a diuretic and that means it flushes water out of your system. In another words, you body and skin gets dehydrated, and that’s really bad for dry, itchy and red skin.

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