Homemade Eczema Treatment (5) – Wheatgrass

According to some experts, toxins in the blood are the culprits that cause some forms of eczema.

Consuming wheatgrass juice regularly is just one of the many options to help heal your eczema from inside out.

Wheatgrass juice contains many essential enzymes that our body needs for optimum health. Enzymes help to strengthen our immune system and thus aid our body to fight against the many allergens that cause eczema to be worsened.

Wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the substance that makes plants green. Chlorophyll detoxifiesthe body, cleanses the blood as well as the intestines and other organs. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals too.

Blood Purification
Wheatgrass has been found effective in purifying blood.

Restore acid/alkaline balance
Wheatgrass is also known to restores the level of alkalinity of our blood. High acidic levels are known to be associated with high toxin levels.

To incorporate wheatgrass juice as your ammunition against eczema, you will need to consume a sufficient amount to derive benefits. Some wheatgrass enthusiasts recommend that we should not exceed 4 ounces per day. We should not drink it in a single pop but space out throughout the day. If you are gungho, you can do so but be warned that you have to run to the toilet more often. This is due to the strong cleansing abilities of wheatgrass juice.

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