Homemade Eczema Treatment (7): Butter

OK, I haven’t try this out and so I cannot validate that this works. However, according to an unspecified contributor at Home Remedies, she said:

“I … pray for me so that i could get rid of my eczema. The next day somehow a stick of butter had gotten on my table and I thought to myself, this must be a sign. Now my eczema is completely cleared because I rub a stick of butter on my skin everyday!

If you are also suffering from eczema, and didn’t want to consumer or apply excessive steroids, you should check out some more home remedy treatments as well as reading other experts’ views on the subject. Appended below are some informative links: Janet Simpson is a health writer and reporter suffering from eczema while Evelyn Lim talked about her diet secret to combat eczema.

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Eczema Treatment (7): Butter

  1. candy

    What type of butter did you use? Unsalted? Pure butter? How many times a day did you use it? Please explain.

  2. Vivienne Quek Post author

    Hi Candy
    It’s tough to answer your question as I haven’t try out this method myself. However, I believe it’s the common butter we normally used at home. I did a google search but yields little results. Have you tried Crisco? It works well.

  3. candy

    Thank you for the crisco suggestion. I’ve tried borage oil, fish oil, vitamin 5 oil, olive oil, hydrocortisone cream, Sarna lotion, vaseline, you name it, except butter and crisco.

  4. GLL

    The answer is NO.
    Steroid creams and gels have a harmful side affect on already thin skin. (such as the face, eyelids, penis and armpits.)

    I have experimented at bed-time with mixing the gel from the Aloe Vera plant with either Castor, Virgin Olive, or Vitamin E oils, works well. Simply slice open the leaf the leave and apply a very generous amount of the gel, then a liberal amount of the oil. (I prefer extra virgin olive) try this every nite for a week.

  5. Don Scales

    While I loved the body butters form Bath & Body Works, I am not so sure about Crisco. seaweed body butters also are pretty darn effective. The seaweed gives a nice soothing feeling, I doubt Crisco or oatmeal offer!

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