The Truth About Baby Eczema

19536498_sBaby eczema affects millions of babies around the world and probably the most occurring skin disease among infants and newborns. It affects all ages but among the most common cases are children and newborns.

Eczema is the inflammation of the skin, the first layer, called the epidermis. Baby eczema can either be mild or moderate which can be managed using emollient oils, soaps and other topical methods. The symptoms of eczema include itching, redness, cracking, flaking and bleeding in the elbows, arms, behind the knees, face, cheeks nape and trunks. In worst cases eczema occurs together with diseases like asthma and hay fever. For such cases, the child should be taken care of and make sure the surrounding is clear of allergens.

What causes eczema? The real cause behind eczema remains as a mystery among the medical field but theories arise regarding the main suspect behind. It is argued the eczema is caused by food allergies on foods containing nuts, fish, wheat and eggs. Others argue that stress and psychological reactions of the body to stress and crisis leads to the condition. Some theorists state that it runs in the family. An infant with baby eczema is more likely to experience the disease if he/she has a sibling that once developed the skin condition.

Treatments are available in different forms. Emollients, soaps ant topical steroid are just few of the many methods of treatment that you can use. But proceed with caution because the pharmacologic treatments need close medical supervision due to the side effects. Eczema usually fades and resolves as the child grows older. In time the condition subsides when the person reaches the teenage years. Eczema is also characterized by relapses and an episode may last within duration of weeks to months. Baby eczema is a cruel cycle that goes on and on.

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    One component of an effective coping/treatment regimen for infant eczema is using cotton clothing. The reason for this is cotton is typically loose and breathable, which helps promote comfort. Organic cotton is best to prevent any allergic reaction.

    “Sock Monkeys Clothing” takes this one step further by adding padded and covered hands to prevent little ones from scratching their itchy skin. This is extremely helpful in preventing damage to the skin such as bleeding, infection, and scarring. Also, the seams are on the outside to prevent aggravation and chafing.

    It is not a cure, but truly helpful to provide relief and peace of mind. Best of luck to all the parents out there dealing with this…it CAN get better…

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