Watch Less TV = Lose More Weight

Couch potato tends to weigh more than those who are not addicted to TV.

The Dec 14 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine reported that people who cut their TV time by half burned 119 more calories per day on an average.

Reducing the time spent in front of TV has the potential to improve a person’s activity level, said Dr Jennifer Otten in the online edition of Stanford Medicine. She is the lead author of a study that determines how reduced TV watching affected calories consumed, energy used, body weight, time spent sleeping and the balance between calorie ingestion and activity in the obese and overweight adults. This study is conducted at University of Vermont.

Dr Otten also said that the more time one spent in front of the TV, the higher chances they have to suffer from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Obviously one contributing factor is the sedentary lifestyle.

Source: Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, 17 Dec 2009

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