15 Tips to Healthy Eating

Most people tend to over-eat when there is a celebration because it is tough to resist the mouth-watering food when it is laid out in all its glory all over the dining table!

Here are some tips offered by the medical practitioners of Parkway Shenton, a large medical group based in Singapore: .

1. Have meals at regular intervals and eat regular portions.

2. Do not substitute meals with snacks. Start off the day with a wholesome breakfast so that there’s less craving for sugar or fat laden food.

3. Train yourself to stop eating when you are no longer hungry. You don’t have to eat until you are full.

4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Not having enough water may give a false sense of hunger.

5. Drink water instead of soft drink or sugar laden concentrated juices

6. Choose food that is high in fiber

7. Choose steamed or grilled food over fried ones.

8. Increase fruits and vegetables intake.

9. Sample sinful food instead of gorging on them. You don’t have to give up what you love.

10. Put treats in a bowl and not in a tub to restrict consumption.

11.  Share food.

12. Buy less to ensure you do not over-indulge

13. Buy healthier snacks

14. Drink alcohol in moderation. That’s 2/3 of a 220ml can of regular beer, a 100ml glass of wine or 300 ml nip of spirit

15. If you feel rude to say “no” to your host, say “later”.

The highlighted tips are the ones that I’m practicing now. I did not weigh myself since before Christmas. Hopefully I have not put on too much weight over the festive season from Christmas through the New Year and the Chinese New Year. Otherwise, going to gym will be a stressful but necessary challenge.


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