5 Diet Tips to Get A Flat Abs

Flat AbsThe 6 Steps to Flatten Your Abs in this blog was very well received with more than 30,000 hits. One reader sent us an email:

“You have talked about reducing empty calories and eliminating liquid calories. Why not elaborate more on the diet we should keep for a trim abs?”

Indeed, keeping a right diet for flattened abs is extremely important to actually getting the desired “flat abs”. Everything you put into your mouth must be geared towards flattening your abs. It may sound frightening, but really, you don’t have to make huge sacrifices and major changes to get your flattened abs.

Consider these hot tips for your flat abs diet.

1. Take low calorie alternatives. Let’s be realistic about not drinking your coke and soda for the rest of your life. We grew up with Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and to think that they aren’t part of our life is unpleasant. Fortunately, most foods now come with a “Zero”, “Light”, “Diet”, “Low-Fat” or “Sugar-Free” option. Take that option. It may not taste like the “real thing” but at least, you still have something. It’s a small change but it will make a big impact to your daily calorie intake. After a while, you may not notice the switch.

By reducing the amount of calories, your body will be forced to burn off your body fat to compensate. So you’ll lose weight and your abs will flatten.

2. Cut down on sweets. Do you take deserts after every meal? Forget those sweets, crisps and cakes in every meal, just take them (if you REALLY need to) only once a day. This might sound drastic, but it’s the exactly the same concept as point 1. The goal is to drop the amount of high sugar calories. These stuff are all rich in butter, margarines, coconut, cream, sugars and the likes. You don’t need all those fats!

Your body does need small amounts of sugar, fatty oils and the other bits found in sweet foods. So, once a day, treat yourself to a small desert. If you can, go for the healthier alternatives like carrot cake instead of the rich chocolate fudge cake.

3. Consume smaller portions of high carbohydrate foods like potato, bread, noodle and rice. You need them but you still don’t want to eat too much. Too many calories means your body has too much energy. Instead of wasting all the good stuff, your body will store it all up as body fat. Rather than cut out the essential carbohydrates you need, just take slightly smaller portions.

4. Drink lots of water. We grew up with the “8 glasses of water per day” so this is not alien to us. But what’s so important about water to get flat abs? Firstly, our body needs water to keep it running smoothly – just like petrol to cars. Cold water also raise our metabolism for a while as our body tries to warm it up, and that means we’ll burn more calories during the day.

5. Eat smaller but more meals throughout the day. Instead of taking 3 solid meals a day. You can spread your flat abs diet over 4-5 smaller meals.Your body will soon learn that it doesn’t need to hold onto the fuel and so it won’t store so much as body fat. By the way, smaller meal means you substantially cut down on the quantity. You don’t have to eat until you are full. Stop eating when you stop feeling hungry. I usually stop when I’m three-quarters to feeling full and comfortable.

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