8 Healthiest Drinks

Pop over to Genius Beauty to read the details why these 8 common drinks were voted healthiest.

I’m not surprise that Green Tea is in the list as it is valued for the flavonoids it contains.Flavonoids help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. However, I’m really perplexed why Water is not mentioned at all. I would have thought natural water is the healthiest drink of all. Also, I’m surprised that hot chocolate is listed as number 5.

Healthy Drink #8. Orange Juice
Healthy Drink #7. Cranberry Juice
Healthy Drink #6. Tomato Juice
Healthy Drink #5. Hot Chocolate
Healthy Drink #4. Soy Milk
Healthy Drink #3. 1% Fat Milk
Healthy Drink #2. Mint Tea
Healthy Drink #1. Green Tea

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