Balance Diet Won’t Cover All Nutrients Our Body Needs

Jeffrey Blumberg, a director of the antioxidants research laboratory at Tufts University, told “MindYourBody” in March 2008 that:

You may be doing ok if you have adequate nutrient intake. But recent research has shown that if you take in more nutrients, above the level of your RDA, it could have positive effects on your physical fitness, bone density and cognitive function, which are all affected by nutrition.

As we grow older, our nutrient requirements will increase. Since old folks are susceptible to chronic diseases, they need to heighten the amount of nutrient even more.

The elderly are also the age group that take the most medication frequently, and on a ling term basis. Many of these drugs interfere with the adsorption, utilization or distribution of nutrients.

Almost nobody fulfills all the nutrient requirements and since it is difficult to change a person’s eating habit, one way to boost nutrients intake would be to take dietary supplement.

… taking a supplement every day is simple, and can help people to meet their minimum requirement.

What about vitamin overdose? The good doctor said:

While it is possible to overdose on a vitamin, it is hard to do so. There is something called the tolerable upper level (TUL), or the highest amount that scientific studies show that you can consume without harm. For vitamin B12, no one has found a TUL yet. For others, it is mostly 20,30 times above the RDA”.

Source: MindYourBody by Singapore Press Holding, 16 April 2008

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