Count Your Blessings & Calories This Christmas

If you intend to watch your waistline and keep watch over your health, you might want to know how many calories you are consuming this Christmas.

1 slice yule log (150g): 530 kcal, 37.5 fat

1 slice of fruit cake (50g): 190 kcal, 7g fat

1 slice Christmas stollen (80g), 329 kcal, 16 fat

2 slices of turkey (breast meant and no skin, 60g): 76kcal, 2.9g fat

2 slices of ham (60g), 98 kcal, 5g fat

1 glass of egg-nog (240 ml): 343 kcal, 19g fat

1 small gingerbread man (43g): 153 kcal, 7g fat

1 minced pie (150g), 434 kcal, 16g fat

200g assorted nuts with shells (walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil, nuts): 548 kcal, 53g fat

Kilocalories (kcal) are a measure of energy. A kilocalorie is commonly known as a calorie). An average man below 60 years old with a job of moderate activity needs between 2900 kcal and 2950 kcal a day. For a woman, 2100 kcal to 2150 kcal is recommended.

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