Diet Soft Drinks have Higher Diabetes Risk

The Institut Nationaal de la Sante dt de la Recherche Medicale (Inserm or National Institute of health and Medical Research in French) said “Contrary to conventional thinking, the risk of diabetes is higher with ‘light’ beverages than with ‘regular’ sweetened drinks”

Inserm researchers, led by Dr Francoise Clavel-Chapelon and Gr Guy Fagherazzi, looked at the prevalence of diabetes among women who drank drinks sweetened with ordinary sugar or artificial sweeteners, and those who drank only unsweetened fruit juice.Compared with juice-drinkers , women who drank either type of sweeted drinks had a higher incidence of diabetes.Drinkers of ‘light’ soft drinks had an even higher risk of diabetes compared with those who drank regular soft drinks: 15% higher for consumption of 500ml per week, and 59% higher for consumption of 1.5 litre per week.

The study found no increase in diabetes risk among women who drank only 100% per cent fruit juice, compared with non-consumers.

The authors noted that women who drank ‘light” soft drinks tended to drink more of it – 2.8 glasses a week on average – than 1.6 glasses among women on regular soft drinks.

Its authors admitted the study had limitations. The study took account of the women’s ages and weights, but did not keep close tracks of their eating habits during the study period. The study took account of the women’s ages and weights but did not keep close track of their eating habits during the study period.

Researchers conceded the evidence was not sufficient “to advise people to stop consumption of one or the other type of drinks”.


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