Drinking Distilled Water is Dangerous to Your Health

Glass of WaterI learned from Vivienne that her friend in Malaysia is drinking distilled water, and I immediately went on the computer to write this post. I cannot procrastinate anymore on sharing this information which has affected my health and well being.

Did you know that distilled water can endanger your health?

I did not know that until I became a VICTIM.

I changed my water dispenser from mineral water to distilled water in my office a few years ago. Months later, I could not walk. The pain was so severe I was limping to work everyday. Then fortunately, I lost my job and stopped drinking the water. The pain went away but I did not get the connection until I was introduced to a water system that has changed my life around.

I learned that distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and because of this, it has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them. This is good only for a short period of time but over time it can become potentially dangerous.

Distilled Water causes infection, inflammation and CANCER.

When distilled water comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic so when you drink more distilled water, your body gets more and more acidic. Acidity in the body causes all kinds of infection and disease including cancer. Cancer cells will only attach to cells which are acidic. Prolonged acidity is also associated with inflammation. That was why I was in so much pain with my knee problem.

Another thing, most of the commercial soft drinks and colas are made with distilled water. Imagine all that being drunk by virtually everyone on this planet. No wonder we are in so much trouble.

It is time that people become aware of such dangers and get informed about the potential dangers of something as “harmless” as drinking water.

Pi Water is “Water of Life”

The ideal water to drink should be slightly alkaline which best matches our body water. I found this in Pi Water. Pi in Greek means “life”. This is water that nature intended us to drink. It is Living Water, pure, clean and has healing properties.

I’ll talk more about this Pi Water in my future posts.

18 thoughts on “Drinking Distilled Water is Dangerous to Your Health

  1. Vivienne Quek

    Wow, Betty, this is great info.

    I’m taking Pi Water too and besides the health benefits, I must say the water is light and so much more delicious to drink. I even use it to cook soup and make deserts like barley and gingko nut. Taste much better than using normal tap water.

    Someone even told me that I can buy a special shower head so that I can take a shower using Pi Water!

  2. QuitSmoking

    I understand the bottled water labeled “Pure Water” that most supermarkets are selling are actually “Distilled Water”. The evidence is in the small print at ingredient section.

    That’s why I don’t buy pure water. It ain’t pure, baby.

  3. ReallyNiceVacations

    I never bother to see what kind of water are in the bottled drinks I bought – whether here or overseas. Looks like I got to open my eyes a little wider.

    Nice article. I’m already intrigued with what’s this Pi you and Vivienne talking about.

  4. bokjae

    This is news to me re-distilled water! I have to research on what you say here. I am viv’s friend in KL who drinks distilled water since 1995! Thus far my health is good! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Betty Vong

    Dear Vivienne,

    I am glad you like it. Give you another hint, please use the water to make ice cubes. You can see the difference in the water crystals. No point drinking this water and yet use tap water in your ice cube trays.

    Stay well & be happy 🙂

  6. Betty Vong

    Good job QuitSmoking!

    If there are no minerals listed in the ingredient section, it’s definitely not mineral water. No brainer!!


  7. Betty Vong

    Dear ReallyNiceVacations,

    Yes, have to be careful. Drinking mineral water is the lesser of two evils. I have alot to say about bottled water as well but that’s another post.

    Will keep you posted.

  8. Betty Vong

    Dear bokjae,

    Hello! I must admit that I wrote my post in such a way so I could attract your attention.

    I had a look at your website and from what Vivienne tells me, you are very health conscious. You must be doing something right like living a healthy lifestyle and eating lots of fruits and vegetables which are alkaline. This could be balancing your body’s pH level so you are not adversely affected for now but why make your body work so hard.

    Please research distilled water. There’s lots of information on the web. And you will be hearing alot from me!

    Stay well & be happy 🙂

  9. Betty Vong


    I forgot about the shower. Yes, it produces Pi Water, too. It also filters out the chlorine and other heavy metals. Taking a hot shower is really, really bad as you absorb the chlorine and goodness knows what else they put into our water to kill the germs more easily.

    I went to KL for a an 8 day course and every time I took a shower, the bathroom smelt like someone has used bleach to clean the floor. Does anyone else have the same experience?


  10. jake

    While DI water is bad for you, it is not for these reasons. What is actually happening is that the cells in your body will attempt to balance the inside of the cell with the outside of it, in the sense of concentration of substances in the water, such as salt and other minerals. When the cell detects that there is very a very low concentration, it lets in water, and keeps doing this until it bursts. It has nothing to do with toxins.

  11. Bob

    Nonsense! Stop scaring people with false claims.

    I have consumed no water except distilled for 20+ years. It is actually healthier than any other water for a variety of reasons.

    Here’s a link to an article by Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known and trustworthy physician. He not only recommends distilled water – it’s what he drinks himself. He debunks the bogus claims made above.


    Beware of what you read on the internet. Much of it is nonsense – the above article serving as a perfect example.

  12. Betty Vong

    Dear Jake,

    Thanks for sharing. There is much more to what I wrote. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More to come.


  13. Betty Vong

    Dear Bob,

    What I posted is based on my own experience and learning. I managed to get my health back by drinking Pi Water and I would like to share it with everyone.


  14. Betty Vong

    Dear Carol Sue,

    Again, the water produced is stripped of all mineral content which causes the water to be acidic. I have tested the water from an RO system and have found it to be acidic.

    Another thing, reverse osmosis is expensive to operate. It uses alot of water and most of it goes to waste. You see, water is forced through a membrane. Only some can pass through, the rest just goes down the drain.

    Hope this helps.

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  16. Adam

    Oh boy where do I begin ??

    First off even if distilled water had the ability to absorb CO2 from the air at worse you’d have Alka-Seltzer or a flat soft-drink.

    Acidity is how intense the H+ ions are in the water.

    Alkali is how much -OH ions that rein the water.

    This guy obviously needs to take a basic chemistry course before posting such mis-information.

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