Edamame as Salad to keep weight down

Would you like your new twist to your regular salad? Think Japanese and go for edamame. Actually, for light eaters, edamame can be your entree too.

If you go to a Japanese restaurant with their sushi or sashimi served on a conveyor belt, you will also see plates or bowls of these green pods. Start with those before you tuck in the rest. These beans will fill you slightly so that you will order less of the delicious Japanese specialties. Like other beans with pods, just break open to eat the slightly green coloured beans inside. They taste yummy.

If you prefer to go economical, buy the fresh and uncooked edamame to boil or steam them at home. If you opt to boil them, you may add some salt to the water for added favour.

Edamame soybeans provide a great combo of protein and fiber-rich carbohydrate. They stabilize your blood sugar levels and curbs your appetite for more food.

One cup edamame (in the pod) provides 180 calories, 16 grams protein and 5 grams fiber.

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