Herpes Outbreaks – Is it Coffee

By Nanci Elliott

I have been conducting a tremendous amount of research on the causes of herpes outbreaks in the past few years and I am now at the point where coffee is looking like a serious culprit. I could not find any medical studies directly linking caffeine to herpes outbreaks (and as there is no money to be made from linking the two, I am not sure who would ever fund this study), I did find a significant amount of data regarding coffee and the adrenal glands.

Coffee and Exhaustion: When you drink coffee, the caffeine will begin by enhancing neuron activity in your brain. This increased neuron activity sends a message to your pituitary gland to secrete a hormone which in return, sends a message to your adrenal glands to release adrenalin. Adrenaline is an important factor in the, “fight or flight” response which puts your body under great stress. Adrenaline is very important if we are being chased in a dark alley or preparing for an athletic event, but at our work desk each morning? Not so important.

Exhaustion and Herpes Outbreaks: This constant flooding of unnecessary adrenaline, coupled with the sharp drop in adrenaline as the hormone wears off, depletes our adrenal glands and can cause fatigue, headache, irritability and/or mental confusion. Continuing with the cycle for years can leave one in a state of complete exhaustion, and it is this exhaustion that in my opinion can lead to chronic herpes outbreaks.

Caffeine; where is it? I have identified coffee as a major source of caffeine but it is vital to recognize that caffeine is found in abundance in chocolate, tea (black and green), and soft drinks. If you think you are consuming too much caffeine or would like further ideas on the source of your herpes outbreaks, Nanci Elliott and her research can be found at The Herpes Blog. Nanci Elliott has been studying female genital herpes for over 20 years and her written work can be found on her blog, as well as on several other herpes information and support websites.
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