MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life!

MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 1!
MicroVita Demystified : Real Life Examples from YOUR Daily Life – part 2!

It is not only the emotion that creates the cardiovascular changes, but this study suggests that also the opposite might be possible, that cardiovascular changes may be the substrate for emotions, likely in a bi-directional way,” Dr Luciano Bernardi, lead researcher of the study and professor of Internal Medicine at Pavia University in Pavia, Italy.

So how do all these different forms of Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life! particles show up in reality?

Let’s start with a story you might have come across :

A farmer in a Japanese farming island found a group of monkeys playing with a tuber they had picked up from amongst those the farmers had just dug up. The monkeys happen to enter a running stream of water with it wherein all the mud covering the tuber got washed way. They instinctively bit at the strange looking lump and … liked it! Yippie-hoo! A new source of food was discovered & soon, to the detriment of the farmers, they started digging out tubers whenever hungry.

But what amazed everyone was that soon the monkeys in the neighbouring islands also started doing the same! Well, the secondary groups of monkeys were merely benefitting from a newly born MicroVita construct because:
1. Animals belonging to the same sub-species share a “common group mind”.
2. An idea is the beginning stage of a microvita (in our sphere of concern) & has an independent life of it’s own. It can grow, multiply & die.

microvita underlie all our habits & patterns. No wonder old habits die hard – all life is self-protective, including the “life-force quanta” that make & keep behaviour patterns together. But just like poison kills poison, microvita based tricks & techniques provide the best leverage to most easily conquer & replace old ways of being with new ones … And you ‘ll be surprised, the story starts with … Your Nutrition. For example foods foods rich with ‘static’ types of microvita will lead only assuredly to laziness & procrastination.

It can get worse… a recent medical study correlates clean mouth with good memory! How? Dead matter will always invite ‘scavenger’ microvita; And after proliferating in one’s mouth, where will they go next? … in their immediate neighbourhood! wouldn’t they? People have been collecting & depositing junk everywhere from head to toe – one nasty microvita infection is all it takes!

Besides managing the physical microvita, a well-crafted diet will help with mental & & emotional hygiene as well because what makes our food, also makes our mind & emotions.

Depression, binging etc won’t go away easily even with all the usual counseling & & regardless of the pills, if you don’t have your dietary microvita right.

Case in hand : Do you recall the 2 most powerful words, or rather feelings, that produced the most beautiful crystalline structures in Mr. Emoto’s research ?

Love + gratitude.

Hence thou shalt not eat if angry or sad. And hence the logic behind invoking divinity before every meal we take.

It has been statistically established that majority of the cancers have a psychological angle as well. So instead of focussing on the mis-directed ‘intelligence’ of the tumour, why not appreciate & restore the intelligence of the rest of our existence 1st?

A protein called gas6 can destroy and consume your body’s own cells when they are no longer needed. Where does it get it’s discrimination from?

Think about the intelligence that comes ‘magically’ into play when, say there is a skin-cut causing bleeding. How quickly fibrin & blood clot gets formed?

What about the intelligence behind a lymphocytes identifying the antigens of invading microbes. T cells touch to communicate with one another during an immune response. They are busy collecting & interpreting information before taking some intelligent action upon it.

The Bible says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood… “-Lev 17:11TLB; Isn’t it time we learn to take good care of those nascent particles of life?

Distinguishing Microvita – The fundamental units of life!

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