Milk causes Heart Disease (Part 1/10 – Myths About Milk)

Myth: Dairy can increase heart disease risk.

Truth Dairy doesn’t lead to heart disease. It is a diet that is high in fats that will lead to heart diseases. Taking low fat dairy products like trim milk and reduced fat yogurts will help people to absorb the essential nutrients of dairy products without the dangers associated with a diet high in fat

1 thought on “Milk causes Heart Disease (Part 1/10 – Myths About Milk)

  1. Brett

    A small amount of dairy may be ok, but the average American’s diet has way too much dairy in it.

    Even “low-fat” dairy is high in cholesterol. There are a lot of allergies related to dairy. Many people are lactose intolerant. Asthma in infants. Cow milk can be fatal to infants who don’t have the immune system to deal with it.

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