New Study Supports Vegetarian Diet

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A British study has found that vegetarians are one-third less likely to be hospitalized or die from heart related diseases. Keeping to a vegetarian diet keeps you healthy and fit, something scientists, researchers and medical practitioners have been discussing and debating for decades.

Researchers at the University of Oxford tracked almost 45,000 people living in England and Scotland who initially gave a regular report on their diet, lifestyle and genera health in 1990s. One-third said they kept to a strict vegetarian diet. Over the next 11-12 years, 1086 of the participants were hospitalized for heart diseases, and 169 died.

After taking account into participants’ ages, exercise habits and other health measures, researchers found vegetarians were 32% less likely to develop heart diseases compared to meat eaters. When weight was factored into the equation, the effects dropped to 28%.

Lower heart risk was due to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels among vegetarians. The effect is at least partly due to the lack of red meat – especially meat that is high in saturated fats. The extra fruits, vegetable and higher fibre in a non-meat diet could also play a a role..

So, if you would like to reduce the chance of getting heart disease, the best way is to follow a vegetarian diet or at least lowering saturated fats in your diet. For now, I will take the latter route as I can’t totally forgo butter cookies and yes, the sinful deep fried foods.


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