Why Trans-Fatty Acids are Bad for Eczema & General Health

Not all fats are fat for our skin. In fact, I have mentioned that there’s 5 Healthy Fats to Combat Eczema. Still, some of the foods we eat is down right bad for us. Junk foods and highly processed foods for instance. Certain oils are also detrimental to ourskin health if eaten in excess and should be avoided at all cost. Cooked and/or processed oil should be avoided like the plague. Whenever oil is cooked, trans-fatty acids are created and these are one of the most destructive elements of a cooked diet.

According to health writer/reporter, Janet Simpson, trans-fatty acids do nothing to improve your eczema or your general good health.

#1 – Trans-fatty acids cause the body to age and degenerate at an alarming rate, especially your skin. They produce damaging free radicals.

#2 – Trans-fatty acids are difficult to digest.

#3 – They interfere with cell respiration and the function of the immune system. A strong, healthy immune system is paramount in your fight against eczema.

#4 – Trans-fatty acids have a tendency to interfere with blood insulin function.

#5 – Trans-fatty acids interfere with the liver detoxification process. They interfere with the liver enzymes and optimal balance is diminished.

#6 – Trans-fatty acids change the fluidity of cell membranes, they make them harder and slowing down their reactions, lowering vitality and making cells membranes weaker.

Eczema causes excruciating itch but even dermatologists discouraged prolonged usage of steroids, so you may want to start your healing process by experimenting some home-made treatments or by checking out Eczema Free Forever by Rachel Anderson.

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