Art and Culture: Good Health may be found at the Museum

If you thought visiting art museums and attending cultural activities is highly boring and a sheer waste of time, then you seriously need to think again. Rather, think about the times of the earliest hunter/gatherers, the early man and what he did in his free time? Yes, maybe in his leisure time, he went to work on his logs, inventing tools or building fires or simply hunting. But have you ever wondered what really occupied his free time? The earliest artists were the hundred thousand-year-old Neanderthals, painting the walls of their deep dark caves. So, don’t we need to rethink? Are the human beings progressing as a species or simply metamorphosing into machines? Has this got to do something with the ever shortening leisure time at our hand?

In these times, for most people, caught up with their mundanely stressful lives, leisure time, do not include stuff like developing a sense of appreciation for things like fine arts. Work related problems and tensions make you mechanical enough to ignore the creative and aesthetic aspects which the humankind possesses. However, in such a rat race, it is increasingly becoming important to slow down and enjoy good and beautiful things around you.

Let’s live it: A recent research study seems to support the above mentioned statement quite well. The study points out that men and women who engaged in artistic-cultural activities on a regular basis were more likely to recognize with emotions such as happiness, contentment and healthfulness. The study also stated that a more developed taste in art is directly proportional to your personal healthy lifestyle.

Increased participation in cultural groups and social activities, can also dramatically lower your stress levels and instill you with a deep sense of well-being. A healthy sense of well being is highly necessary to function well as a normal, feeling-perceiving human. Naturally, this strongly prevailing sense of well being helps lower the levels of depression and anxiety.

Get creative: Creative tasks like joining crafts or baking/cookery classes and activity clubs like swimming, photography, music etc can give you the much needed break to introspect about various facets of life. Similarly, browsing through an art museum and gazing at numerous styles of paintings while absorbing their exquisiteness in detail can stimulate those cells in your brain which have been dulled over the time. Certainly, this helps to invigorate you internally and you begin to look at life in a positive perspective.

However, this cannot be restricted to artistic activities solely. Among women, the study reported, increased involvement in religious gatherings and events could be associated with life satisfaction. Religion apart, sports also held a positive impact on women, as most of them tended to be fitter and happier if they watched or participated in sports. Volunteering for social work and community help also can lead to believing in the goodness of yourself.

The aforementioned research study may bring out a very obvious truth about importance of leisure, but some aspects of the study partly require further analysis as the study has been done in context of people from Western nations and the same may not hold good for say people from the East or Oriental nations. So, more research is needed that will re-furnish the almost obvious truth.

Undeniable truth: The healing characteristics of involvement in both perceptive as well as participatory art and music are now being taken ahead and developed into full-fledged therapeutic science. These involve clinically approved methods aiming to heal neuro-generic as well as hypochondria-associated disorders. But these severe conditions are highly avoidable provided you learn to nurture your life with the wonderful zest for skills and talents.

Nevertheless, in order to pursue a normal and healthy lifestyle fulfilled with cherishable, pure and blissful happiness, it is important to retain the element of curiosity and adventure. After all, living life fruitfully is also an art and all you need to do is try and become a good Artist.

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