Healthy Program Unwelcomed in NBC

While we nurture our body, we got to nurture a  healthy mindset as well.

Tony Robbins’ teaching may not be for everyone, however, we have to acknowledge that he has motivated and inspired many people to see themselves bigger than their problems. He has moved many to transform from a disaster to a master.

Yet, after two episodes, NBC is feeling motivated to yank Tony Robbins’ reality show from its summer schedule. Effective next week, NBC will air repeats of game show “Minute to Win It” in the Tuesday-night slot instead of “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.”

Tony Robbins wants to help real people solve tough challenges yet audiences didn’t show up; the most recent episode generating only 2.8 million viewers..

NBC will not run the show when there is no one watching the advertisements.

Most people don’t like healthy food, so they don’t go for more “healthy” TV either?

So sad.

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