Hello, I’m Betty

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you!

I received an SMS from Vivienne this morning reminding me that today is a good day to start posting my article which I wrote for this website a couple of months ago. She had been on my case to start posting but I had been putting it off with a whole bunch of excuses. So here I am on the first day of 2008 having told her that I would. I consider this a success as I am as computer un-savvy as one can get!

Anyway, I started to do it but instead, I would like to do something else. As I am new to this community, it would be more appropriate for me to introduce myself and perhaps share how and why I made a conscious decision to be well and healthy.

You see, I got into the health industry rather accidentally having been retrenched from my job in 2001. Back then, I did not give two hoots about health and I looked and felt it. I was fat, unfit and unhealthy. I could not even run across the road if a bus was coming at me to save my life. But, of course, I did not do anything about it. Instead, I got depressed and ate some more. Things got a bit serious when I started having pains in my knees and needed help climbing the stairs. At 42, I was behaving like an old lady. The doctors could not help me but suggested I lost some weight.

Lost weight, I did. In six months I lost about 10 kg and since I was so good at it, I decided to train to become a personal trainer and use myself as a testimonial. After all, I had nothing to lose and exercising made me feel good. The more results I gained, the more motivated I was to achieve my goal. Business was good but I was losing my health. I worked 16 hour days having committed to the Sports Council to do sports massage for our national athletes in addition to doing my own personal training and massage business. I did not have any quality of life and I started getting ill. This had to stop.

It’s all about having balance in my life. Once I got that right, things started to change. I reduced the workload and started researching health and wellness. The concept of prevention was never ever in my mind when I approached health. I had to have a problem so I can fix it. That thinking has totally changed and I am so happy and grateful that I got my health back. I am now fully committed to helping other people who have these challenges in their lives. Looks like I am meant to be writing here. I hope I will be able to inspire some folks to re-think their health and wellness concerns.

Stay well and be happy! πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Betty

  1. bokjae

    thanks for sharing your story! It is a success story all the way and congratualtions to you for being determined and focus to achieve significant results! Welcome onboard!

  2. Betty Vong

    Thank you for the warm welcome. It gives me much encouragement to start writing online, something I have not done before. I am now working on my next post. Till then. Thanks again!

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