Ill-Mannered Children are Unhealthy…

Here is a very interesting article that I found at the NY Times website. It basically talks about how bad manners in children today is becoming a common condition.

The article is titled “A Pediatrician’s View of Rude Children” and is really a timely reminder for all of us who have children or are care-givers to children.

Here is an interesting quote from the article:

Dr. Barbara Howard, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an expert on behavior and development, told me that a child’s manners were a perfectly appropriate topic to raise at a pediatric visit.

Imagine that. Not only do you talk about allergies, and shots, manners (or the lack thereof) seems to be a problem fit for the attentions of an expert. Many problems we face as adults can be traced back to things that took place when we were children.

If you have no manners as a child, will you grow up to be a well mannered adult? How will that affect your social life, your mental well-being, acceptance in social groups, and ultimately, your happiness?

Let us not add to the stress of this world, rather, we need to learn how to build and nurture a child properly so that they can grow in a healthy, well-adjusted manner. In a well-mannered manner. Isn’t that interesting?

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