Improve Your Health By Going Green

More and more people are going green to save the environment. What you may not realize, however, is that going green can also improve your own personal health. Not only that, but it can also save you a lot of money.

For example, consider how much money you spend on grocery shopping in an average month. Is it a lot? For some families, it can be hundreds of dollars. Then, consider the other problems that come with buying grocery store foods. For example:

• You waste money on gas to go shopping.
• You have to spend a lot of time shopping.
• Most foods bought in stores have been chemically treated.
• Most foods bought in stores are over-packaged and too much packaging creates more waste.

The Alternative:
You might think that you have to buy all of your food at the grocery store, but you really don’t. You do have an alternative. That is, you can buy food from local farms and vegetable stands. In fact, you could do better than that by simply growing your own home garden.

A home garden is an excellent resource, especially if you like to cook. Here are a few of the advantages to growing your own food:

• It’s Cheaper
• It’s Fresher
• It’s Readily Available
• It’s Pesticide Free (If You Grow It Organically)

Green Cooking Practices:
Once you have the food, you need to shift focus to how you are cooking it. For example, you might try using a toaster oven. You can find plenty of toaster oven reviews online and many of the top products, such as Breville toaster oven models, are designed with healthy cooking options, such as broiling and baking.

Using small appliances, such as a toaster oven, will save you a lot of time, energy and money. However, there are some things that only large appliances can do. So, if you must cook with a large oven, at least do so efficiently. Don’t preheat it unless you have to and cook several things at once to make the best use of the space and the heat in the oven.

Clean While Going Green:
Another area of your home life that you can make green is how you clean. That goes for both your body and your home. As far as your body is concerned, cut back on chemical-filled soaps, shampoos, makeups and perfumes. Instead, opt for all natural skin and hair care alternatives.

When it comes to cleaning your home, you also have natural options, such as:

• Lemon
• Vinegar
• Honey
• Soda (For Cleaning Clogged Drains)

In fact, you would be amazed at what natural products are capable of. Many can clean and disinfect your home. Some can even remove stubborn stains, which commercial cleaning products may be unable to get rid of. Plus, natural products are far cheaper and usually already on hand for other reasons.

Cut Back Your Carbon Footprint:
Finally, you need to cut back your carbon footprint. One way to do that is to get energy-efficient home appliances. Another way is to get an electric or hybrid car, which is much more eco-friendly than a standard car. Of course, it’s always better if you can get where you’re going under your own power, by either walking or riding a bicycle.

So, as you can see, going green is easy and inexpensive. Walking is great exercise, using less chemicals in the home is healthier for you and cooking in an eco-friendly way will save you money and taste a lot better. Clearly, there’s no reason not to improve your health by going green.

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Chris C is a huge fan of the go green movement. He is the publisher of . Both Chris and his website are devoted to helping consumers achieve healthy living through green habits and minor life changes.икони

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  1. Valerie

    Chris, these are all such good ideas. I already do many of them, but sadly I don’t have a toaster oven and sometimes end up needlessly baking small things in my regular oven. After reading this, I’m going to look for a toaster. 🙂

    I’m an intern at, a new social networking site where people can create and share projects to make the world better. We’re looking to grow the site and have an even bigger impact–I hope you’ll check us out!

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