Listen to Joyeous Music to Maintain Good Heart Health

According to Dr Michael Miller, director of preventive cardiology at the University of Maryland, listen to music to maintain good heart health.

Because your heart will likely soar at the sound of joyeous music.  That’s a good sign.

Dr Miller’s findings were reported at the annual meeting of the Amercian Heart Association in New Orlean in November 2008. WebMD reportedthat 10 volunteers identified specific music that made them feel a sense of joy. While the music is being played, the researchers used an ultrasound device to measure how well each person’s blood vessels responded to a sudden increase of blood flow. The volunteers’ blood vessels dilated by 26% when they heard joyeous music. That is a very healthy sign according to the good doctor.

What exactly is joyous music? Dr Miller says it depends on the individual. It’s not the type of music that counts but a person’s response to it.

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