Wellness Through Smelling Good

A lot of talk has been made about aroma therapy and how it has so many benefits to one’s health. There is a lot of truth to this as seen in the large body of testimonies given.

The Chinese believe that every human has qi flowing through the body. This means that as your blood circulates, there is also a stream of qi flowing. To a very large extent, aroma therapy works along that same principle.

But today, we want to share with you something more fun, something simpler – perfume. No, perfume is not the same as aromatherapy. That was just an example to show how smell can have profound impact on your body. Perfume does not hep you become healthier. Perfume helps you feel – better, nicer, warmer, sexier, lighter and so on.

Perfume uplifts your heart. Some may say it’s in your imagination and some may say it is just hocus-pocus. The fact is this, if something makes you feel good, then it is just that – it makes you feel good. Why question the “science” behind that? If you heard a story that make you feel inspired, say for example, “David vs Goliath”, small overcome big. Do you then embark on a 10-year quest through history books and ancient digs to verify the story? Or could you simply take the lesson from it and be inspired?

So, perfume makes you feel good. When you feel good, you also can be healthier. Let’s keep it at that.

Anyway, here is a two day offer that you might want to explore to feel good:

Perfume smell good

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