Life goes on for Celebrities with Herpes

Herpes is a taboo for many people who is suffering from it. Many chose to hide themselves far from the madding crowd, distancing themselves from their loved ones and closing their hearts to making new friends. The singles were especially affected. They lived in a shattered world, believing that they will forever live a single life, with no friends or life partner.

Must it be so?

It is interesting and inspiring to note that life goes on for celebrities who have herpes. Just look at David Beckham, who was alleged to have herpes. if he did, he is still making headlines everywhere he goes, even though his halo effect seems to have dimmed quite a bit. Still, he is still making good money endorsing product besides kicking balls, and often seen dressed to the nine with that glamorous wife of his. That should be the way for all people with herpes. There is still life after herpes. LIFE GOES ON.

If you or someone whom you know have been keeping your own company and don’t know how to start a life because of herpes, don’t dismay. One quick solution, which I believed might also be the easiest way, is to get to know people who are in the same boat. An understanding friend who know your inconvenience and suffering is an excellent aid to help you rebuild life. Just think of the things you’re missing out if you go on victimizing yourself. Usually your doctor and medical adviser will recommend you to join as upport group.  If not, go online and find a herpes support group that suits you.

Live life to the fullest, don’t let a disease dis-ease you,

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