Quick Answers to Herpes Query

These are some common questions and I’m sure anyone who’s keen to have the answers will have to read several websites to get the answers. A reader of this site highlighted to us that HerpesLiving had summarized the answers to these 16 questions in it’s website.

1. What is herpes

2. What are the types?

3. What are the symptoms of herpes?

4. Does man and woman have the same infection pattern?

5. Is there any indication of a herpes outbreak?

6. Is herpes transmitted via sexual intercourse only?

7. How is herpes transmitted?

8. What will confirm a herpes infection?

9. After being infected with the herpes virus, how soon will the sores appear?

10. What causes herpes flare-ups or recurring outbreaks?

11. Does herpes make me prone to acquire other sexually transmitted diseases?

12. Do pregnant women with herpes transmit the virus to their baby?

13. What are the symptoms of herpes inflection of a newborn child?

14. Are there any cure?

15. When was herpes first known?

16. Are there herpes community that I can seek out friendship?

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