We are Number 7 at Checkup Today’s Top 20 Blogs

We first conceptualized a “green” blog because we believe in the importance of healthy eating and healthy living. We have been talking quite a lot about sprouting because we have on board a real live sprout enthusiast – Taarak had been sharing with us quite a lot about sprouts. And from him, we learned of the importance of enzymes in sprouts. That spurred us to find out more on the benefits of eating “living food”, that is consuming food and juice raw or minimal cooking with heat.

We shared what we know from our own experience or information gathered by others. We believe everyone should know how healthy eating and healthy living can make a big difference to their lives, and to their loved ones. We are deeply honored when Checkup Today recognized our efforts by listing us at number 7 of it’s Top 20 Blogs. I’m sure this will encourage all the writers here to write even more conscientiously.

With Bokjae as our newest writer, we believe we have even more to offer our readers. We like to invite people who believe in healthy eating and healthy living to join us as a writer so that we can spread the healthy message faster and wider.

2 thoughts on “We are Number 7 at Checkup Today’s Top 20 Blogs

  1. Angela

    Thank you for the mention over here in your neck of the blogosphere.

    I sure hope more people will be interested in joining the network so we can all meet new bloggers.

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