11 Reasons Why You Should Start Sprouting

Why do I sprout? And why do I encourage people to sprout? Well, these are the 11 reasons I can think of:

Moth Bean Sprouts at 3-day old1. LOW COST Seeds can multiply at least 7 times their weight, and some seeds can do 15 times. At USD2.50 per 500 g for a packet of organic seeds, you can yield many, many plates of self-grown organic greens that will last you for weeks.

2. HIGH NUTRIENTS Sprouts harvested at 3 -5 days are at their prime. Baby Sprouts when eaten raw are best. Raw foods are considered “live food” because of the high concentration of enzymes, minerals, proteins, vitamins, T-cells, RNA, DNA, bio-flavinoids, etc. The nutrients your body absorb is much more when compared with matured vegetables. Check out my previous on benefits of eating raw food.

Black Bean Sprouts at 3-day old3. CLEAN & ORGANIC No chemicals, no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers or fumigants. No artificial man-made stuff that can make you sick. Lots of harmful bacteria and germs are in the non-organic food we consume.

4. FAST ACCESS. To enjoy “live” food anytime, anywhere, grow them yourself. You don’t have to worry if your nearest supermarket doesn’t carry stock or they look limp and yellow.

5. QUICK GROWTH You only need a jar, a strainer or a flour sieve from your kitchen, water 2-3 times a day and ordinary room light, and the seeds will sprout within days. You definitely don’t need green fingers to grow and harvest sprouts. Guaranteed. These pictures here are moth beans and black bean sprouts at 3-day old. Lovely, aren’t they?

6. GREEN & FRESH You harvest and you eat. Guaranteed no loss of nutrients. Those vegetables that’s sitting in hot warehouses and transportation trucks will lose some of their vitality when brought to the stores.

7. DIGESTIBILITY The delicate cell walls of baby sprouts release elemental nutrients. Abundant enzymes make them easy to digest even for those with weak digestion (NOTE: very young children, the elderly and those with known medical conditions should consult their physician)

8. WIDE VARIETY You can find all sorts of seeds to sprout. From sunflower seed, red lentil, wheat grass, buckwheat, lettuce, mung bean, alfalfa, moth beans and more. Click here for the list of sprouting seeds you can sprout.

9. NEW MENU You can experiment making sprout breads and buns from sprouted wheat, rye, or barley. Snacks from sprouted peanuts. Do a Chinese stir-fry with mung bean sprouts (if you really need to cook it, do it fast and light).

10. ECOLOGY Be nice to our planet. By growing your own sprouts, you know you don’t contribute to high energy consumption and pollution. There will not be airplanes or fuel/oil consumed to deliver this food to you. Plus No petroleum based pesticides or synthetic fertilizers will be used.

11. CURES & TREATMENTS Another reason which we sprouting enthusiasts firmly believe in: Cure Diseases and Ailment like cancer and osteoporosis, acne, ezcema. I dare not vault for the rest but as an eczema suffer, I know taking a decent amount of sprouts does help to clear the skin. If you are a fellow-sufferer, I’m sure you understand why I bother to try out any holistic and alternative treatments just to stop the stinging and frustrating itch! So besides observing other do’s and don’ts , I’ve added sprouts as one of the must-have to keep my eczema at bay.

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  1. Linda R.

    Please research on the internet! It is dangerous to eat black bean sprouts and most bean sprouts!

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