10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts to Cure Eczema

Health Writer/Journalist Janet R Simpson offered 10 reasons why you should include sprouts in your Treatment of Eczema. As an eczema sufferer, I have tried many alternative treatments to lessen the flaring frequency as well as to curb the excruciating itch. The good news is sprouts do help. And it’s very interesting to read that a health reporter also concurred this method. You might want to try out this natural “cure”.

Here’s what Ms Simpson got to share:

Treatment of Eczema reason #1
Each sprouting seed is full with the nutritional and microbiological energy and life force strong enough to create a full grown healthy plant. These seeds contain a higher concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavinoids, etc. than at any other stage of the seed’s life. These nutrients are paramount for the good health of eczema skin. They will fuel, nourish, cleans, detoxify and replenish every cell in your body. Sprouts and any living foods increases vitality, strengthens the immune system and slows down the aging process. Sprouts have the capability to clear eczema, and other ailments such as warts, blemishes and facial spots.

Treatment of Eczema reason #2
Sprouts are organic. They contain no fumigants, pesticides, or chemicals. You can trust that they are pure because they need no external additive – just water.

Treatment of Eczema reason #3
Sprouts are very economical. Seeds can produce 6 to 15 times their weight. Seeds that yield 26 cents per pound is fantastic economy.

Treatment of Eczema reason #4
Sprouts are available every single day of the week, every season of the year, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. These live foods can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime.

Treatment of Eczema reason #5
Even a child can grow a weekly supply of sprouts. You just need to add water to the sprouts and keep them in a cool, warm place. Soil, tools and green fingers not required.

Treatment of Eczema reason #6
Easy to digest. These baby plants with their delicate cell walls release live nourishment quite easily. The abundance of enzymes make them easy to digest even for those with weak digestion.

Treatment of Eczema reason #7
Sprouts can be eaten with any meal or even on their own. Eat them with salad, as a side dish, in soups and on your potatoes or rice. The varieties are endless, try garlic, cabbage, alfalfa, mung, lentil and soybean.

Treatment of Eczema reason #8
Use sprouts to create breads from sprouted rye, barley or wheat. Create hummus dips from sprouted garbanzo or even sprouted wheat pizza.

Treatment of Eczema reason # 9
Sprouts are good for the environment. The use of fuel, planes, refrigeration, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are not required.

Treatment of Eczema reason #10
Time, it takes two minutes per day to cultivate your sprouted seeds. The only attention they require is continuous watering, two times per day.

As you can see the inclusion of raw, live sprouts in your daily diet is an essential weapon in your arsenal. The eating of sprouts on a regular basis can be the difference between on-going problems of eczema or totally blemish-free, glowing, smooth skin.

Article Extracted from : http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Janet_Simpson

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts to Cure Eczema

  1. raghavendra rao

    I have been suffering from ECZEMA for past 30 years. Painful, no proper sleep during nights, highly itchy, weeping through eczema, much irrigation, and what not all sorts of hell i am experiencing pl try to solve my problem

  2. Vivienne Quek Post author

    Hi Raghavendra rao
    I have tried many methods. I rubbed steroids creams, took pills to stop the itch, used alcohol and fragrance free soaps, wore light fabric materials, ate sprouts and lots of greens, exercised, tried aromatherapy, etc, etc, etc. I don’t find any one treatment effective beyond a short term. However, a combination did help to keep eczema at bay for quite a while. I would suggest that you visit your dermatologist if you were experience pain.

  3. vargas

    Vivienne –

    it looks like you forgot the most important and first factor in getting rid of eczema – cleansing your liver and blood and eliminating culprit foods from your diet. This is what gets to the root cause of the problem. All the other things you listed are band-aid which don’t really help until you get to the root cause.

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