Eat Sprouts To Cure Eczema

You need fruits and greens for fibre, and you will need to add raw bean sprouts in your daily diet if you have eczematous skin. Trust me, you don’t want to resort to steroid pills and spread steroid cream all the time. Even a doctor wouldn’t recommend that for a long term treatment. Holistic treatments can help tremendously. I have tried several methods and eating sprouts is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways that I found and would encourage fellow-sufferers to try.

The easiest way to incorporate raw bean sprouts is to add them into simple daily menus such as salads or sandwiches. Another method is a take a generous helping of raw, fresh sprouts and blend them into a glass of vegetable juice. This should be the first thing you take every morning when you wake.

Sprouts are very special because:

  1. Sprouts are ‘live’ foods that contain a superior quality of ‘life force’. This special ‘life force’ will transform your skin in a very short period.
  2. The nutrient ratio of raw sprouts is higher than in any other foods.
  3. You will not find a food more enzyme-rich than sprouts. These enzymes help with digestion, and this in turn improves nutrient absorption and thereby making your skin healthier.

Beside bean sprouts, alfalfa and wheat berry sprouts are great additions to your diet. The more sprouts you consume, the sooner your skin will recover and rejuvenate. Not only that, you will find yourself less tired and more energized.

You can buy organic sprouts from organic foods shops but they could be expensive. Sprouts are very simple to grow and you can actually do it at home with little effort. There are “how-to-grow-sprouts” guides or manuals, and some even come with a complete kit to help you get started. Eating sprouts (like mung bean or alfalfa)that you grow yourself can guarantee you freshness and assure you that all the nutrients are not lost during the growing or harvesting process.

Start glowing, be healthier by including fresh sprouts in your daily diet. By the way, sprouts also help treat acne ! Nice surprise eh?!

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